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World of TUI in Berlin: This is where travel dreams start

Ansorg’s creative lighting scenario bathes TUI’s flagship store in Berlin in a warm, sunny mood with a feel-good factor.

Whether digital or analogue, in the travel agency of the future all roads lead to Rome. Or to countless other destinations which can be explored at the "World of TUI" before the journey really starts. Since early 2011, over an area of 320 square metres, the flags have been set for departure: the innovative travel agency shows with multimedia and interactively how multi-facettedly customers plan and book their holidays today. The prototype is a fitting answer to the online competition, here there is the added value of the quality of advice and experience which only real life can provide. “More travel and less agency“ is the motto. beautiful, inspiring surroundings in which people feel good. Lighting from Ansorg contributes its share to that.

Lots of islands in appealing light

The open façade has an inviting effect, here the touch table stands next to the classic book table, so every customer finds the appropriate way to get started. On the comfortable lounge suites the holiday can be booked on an iPad in comfort and at ease.

In the peripheral area, the TUI catalogue-lined walls are markedly emphasized by the luminous accentuation provided by Cardo spotlights, the centre of the room (lounge suites, tables, presentation tables) is more subdued, but also provided with accentuated illumination. The lighting level in the middle of the room was slightly lowered in order to underline the character of the lounge as compared with the peripheral zones with higher wattages. 35 watts are sufficient here.

In all of the luminaires in the centre of the room, SUN filters support the warm lighting atmosphere and emphasize the colours without falsifying them.

The overall brightness is obtained above all by the reflection of the white walls which are homogeneously illuminated with Bola wall washers. Cove lighting all round the room with dimmable fluorescent lamps makes the room height of almost five metres something to experience.

Above the lounge, decorative luminaires bearing the name “Cloud” provide an airy eyecatcher in the headroom.

The dominating element in the room is the 30-square metre large LED surface on the end wall. The changing image motifs on the screen reflect light and colours into the room – a special challenge for the lighting design people. On the gallery directly in front of it are the desks for classic customer advice and service. Here lighting in line with workplace requirements was achieved by efficient compact fluorescent downlights with a high degree of glare reduction and systematically directed light.

Flexible light for an integrated room concept

The travel agency’s room concept is based on a modular structure; events such as theme evenings, panel discussions or receptions can be arranged without difficulty. Here the light also plays its part in front of the LED wall and in the middle of the room there are power tracks with their help of which the gallery can be transformed into an illuminated stage. The luminaires can be switched or dimmed in different groups so that numerous lighting moods are possible. Above the counter, different attractive luminaires, with their vertical lines, underline the room height. This customer-specific solution from Ansorg is provided with low-voltage equipment. On the upper floor, waiting for VIP guests are special rooms which are at the same time used by the management. Here, too, controllable low-voltage luminaires in combination with backlit areas and table lamps handle the changeover between functional workplace lighting and cosy lighting for free-and-easy talks.

Anyone still searching for inspiration for the best days in the year should by all means treat himself/herself to a visit to Germany’s most modern travel agency; highlights are guaranteed.

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