Product • 28.05.2008

ANDROMEDA - Recessed indoor product family, modular in size and made of aluminium and stainless steel


The whole series is provided with extremely-high efficiency Led power technology and high CRI. It can be supplied with power ranging from 5-10 to 20 W provided with up to 2000-lumen output. Three versions provided with framework, one of which is very reduced in size (it is 23mm-high and designed for the sailing sector) and another without framework. The available optics range is 9°-25°-45°-110°.
Otherwise, a non-glare diffused light effect is also available. All of the products may have CRI93 3000°K warm light; CRI93 4000°K natural light; or 5500°K white light and power can be supplied by means of 24 V dc with parallel connection. The power supply units are not included.

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