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EuroCIS 2015 – the Retail Technology Think Tank

Focus on networking between off-line and online trade

Over 7000 visitors are expected from more than 40 countries. They will benefit...
Source: Messe Düsseldorf GmbH

By presenting solutions, trends and visions for the retail trade of the future in all its forms and functions, EuroCIS is a unique think tank in matters of retail technology. EuroCIS is suitable both for fixed-site retailers and for everyone who has understood that offline and online are becoming increasingly interconnected in the retail trade and indeed in a continuous state of flux.

After all, these dynamics need stringency and structure. EuroCIS is a must for all industry professionals and puts collaboration between competent partners at the centre of attention. The forthcoming EuroCIS from 24 to 26 February 2015, will feature about 250 exhibitors from 25 countries with their ideas, products, systems and solutions. Although there are still over five month before the event, the net amount of booked exhibition space already exceeds 7,000 square metres – more than the final total at EuroCIS 2013 (6,192 square metres net). For the first time, therefore, EuroCIS will be occupying two halls (09 and 10) at the Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre.

The combination between offline and online trade and between stationary retail and e-commerce will take even more space at EuroCIS 2015 than at any of the previous tradeshows. This is because the industry is beginning to experience a profound transformation that will continue for several years. Today's and tomorrow's consumers want to have the best of both worlds – online shopping with all its options, using a wide range of terminals, and also physical shopping or at least the option of picking up their purchases at an outlet. Any retailer who does not want to lose valuable revenue must appeal to their customers through all channels.

To remain competitive in the retail trade, it is important not to miss these developments. EuroCIS 2015 therefore comes at exactly the right time, as its wide range covers the entire retail-specific expertise of the IT sector: Multi-channel and omni-channel management, business analytics and big data, payment systems, e-commerce and e-business solutions, ERP and supply chain management, mobile solutions & technologies, POS software and hardware, checkout management, digital marketing and digital signage, workforce management, loss prevention, cash management, retail security, weighing technology and food service.

Over 7000 visitors are expected from more than 40 countries. They will benefit from the specially tailored EuroCIS spectrum and also from an excellent accompanying programme. One feature that is particularly well established and highly popular with exhibitors and visitors alike is the EuroCIS Forum, offering exciting presentations on interesting developments in retail technology. Recent case studies, innovations and trends are shared by exhibitors and their customers (bilingually in German and English).

The Multi Channel Area has been a successful part of EuroCIS since 2012 and will be expanded even further in 2015, as it will include a Start-up Zone for newcomers to the industry. Visitors will also benefit from recent practical case studies and from future projections which will be discussed at the integrated Multi Channel Forum (bilingually in German and English).

The highlight of the accompanying programme will be the presentation of the much coveted Retail Technology Europe Awards (Reta Europe) by the EHI Retail Institute on 24 February 2015. Prizes will be given to cases of outstanding and innovative use of IT in the retail trade. Also, on 25 February 2015, there will be the presentation of the EHI and GS1 Retail Science Award. The award is given for outstanding scientific work that picks up innovative ideas and allows application in the retail trade.

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