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Trend 2019: The digitization of the stationary retail trade

From retail to omnichannel business model

Ultra wide lcd screens; Copyright: permaplay
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For stationary retailers, it is no longer enough to think individually about e-commerce or other digital strategies. Instead, the focus is on networking online, mobile and offline channels and implementing a multichannel strategy, the so-called Omni-Channel Strategy. But what do customers expect from stationary retail in terms of digitization?

Numerous studies have dealt with the current expectations of consumers in stationary retailing and asked customers about their expectations. These studies reveal interesting details, explains Werner Vogt, Managing Director of Permaplay Media Solutions: “80 percent of the shoppers love the brick-and-mortar look-and-feel experience and the instant availability of the goods, 70 percent of the shoppers are of the opinion that the brick-and-mortar retail trade offers a significantly better service than the online trade, 60 percent enjoy the social experience with their family or friends when shopping. However, 60 percent of shoppers also expect retailers to invest in digital technologies.”

Permaplay now offers modern digital customer stoppers that attract significantly more customer attention than traditional displays. The digital eye-catcher is an attention-grabbing communication tool at the POS for retailers, coffee shops, restaurants, supermarkets and shopping malls. “This modern customer stopper,” says Findaria Sunardi, Marketing and Sales Manager at Permaplay Media Solutions, “allows the right offer to be promoted at the right time and sales to be actively stimulated. The great strength lies in adapting offers to the circumstances: Advertise your lunch offer and umbrellas at lunchtime and when it is raining.”

Permaplay's Ultra Wide LCD screens are another interesting building block for an effective digitalization of retail. They feature FHD resolution and a sleek, attractive design with a slim black metal housing. The Ultra Wide LCD screens are the perfect solution for digital signage applications in public transport, retail, events and cultural venues such as museums.

Also, some Permaplay displays feature IPS (In-Plane Switching) technology, which provides a wider viewing angle and improved color reproduction as the pixels are modified horizontally rather than vertically. The technology improves the viewing angle and color representation, providing the user with a much better overall viewing experience.

“Stationary retail is currently undergoing a transformation from traditional retail to an Omni-Channel business model. The trend is not only to use digital technologies, but also to use optically attractive POS presentation of sales displays for high-quality product ranges such as jewelry or perfume, as our examples show. Retailers who successfully implement this holistic strategy will secure new market shares in the future,” says Werner Vogt confidently.

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