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Shipping: Fast label printing for every carrier

Save time with Heidler shipping software and Citizen printers

Delivery details, ERP processing, freight carrier and label format – there are many things to consider when printing shipping labels. Speed and precision are crucial factors that must be taken into account. An automated process executed by the Heidler Strichcode shipping system and label printers from Citizen Systems form the basis for quick parcel processing. Shipping departments can use this system to print the correct delivery and return labels for every carrier in the blink of an eye. 

The shipping business is growing and customers expect fast deliveries. Therefore, parcel dispatch is extremely time critical for the shipper and hardly feasible without a fast, reliable shipping solution. At the same time, the actual shipment of parcels itself is a time-consuming task. Automatic printing of shipping labels and the use of a comprehensive, scalable solution for label printing provide competitive advantages for fast shipping.

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Fast and effective shipping solutions

Software from Heidler-Strichcode combined with Citizen printers offers a comprehensive solution for label printing: “The HVS32 shipping system from Heidler allows you to print shipping labels and automate the entire shipping process. This saves time and effort as jobs can be imported directly through the platform and shipped from there. Print control is performed centrally from the server. If a connection is also available via an SAP interface, the shipping system prepares the labels and then prints them through the system,” says Arndt Fromm, authorised officer from Heidler Strichcode GmbH, describing an application scenario for his customers.

Choose any parcel carrier

In a typical shipping centre, employees at the parcel centre scan jobs and items with a wireless scanner and monitor the entries on a touchscreen computer. Depending on the carrier, one or two labels are printed containing all shipping information: one label for shipping and one return label. 

The right shipping software is only the first step for a streamlined shipping process. With the HVS32 shipping solution from Heidler, you have optimal control over all CEP and forwarding agents. This is because HVS32 integrates over 280 carriers into one software package. HVS32 also provides comprehensive ERP, LVS and WMS interfaces as well as numerous expansion functions such as invoice verification, freight cost management and best-price calculation. Due to its individual customisation options, the shipping system guarantees seamless integration into existing logistics processes, making it flexible and highly versatile.

Multi-carrier shipping system with over 280 freight carriers

When shipping parcels, you can freely choose from popular carriers such as GLS, DHL and DPD as well as other parcel delivery companies. Each carrier has its own label format, which is configured on the Heidler software. 

“When working with fully-automated background processes for SAP, network connectivity with the printer is crucial,” explains Arndt Fromm. “When a shipping centre wants to have a shipping label, we control this entirely in the background. SAP sends us the interface, while the shipping system handles label preparation and then prints via the system.”

Each shipping label must be accepted by the carrier – Heidler also supports customers with this. The shipper must have everything accepted by the carrier so that the correct labels are printed and the formatting matches. When switching to another shipping system, the shipper must integrate the new return system and send labels to the carrier so that the carrier can test and approve these. In each case, the carrier issues acceptance for the label format. 

A small black label printer
Source: Citizen

Remote monitoring of label printers

The Citizen CL-E720 printer is suitable for industrial printing. It runs via a management server and has proven to be advantageous due to its remote capability: “You can remotely override any printer and configure it. This means you can remotely diagnose whether it has any faults or whether a restart is necessary. The printer is completely remote controllable,” explains Jörk Schüßler, Marketing Director EMEA at Citizen Systems Europe. 

The CL-E720 from Citizen prints labels quickly and precisely. With the Citizen ARCP™ mechanism, the printer guarantees sharp, high-quality printing results. Via an integrated sensor and an LCD display, the operator immediately sees when a media change is required. With a printing speed of up to 200 mm per second, the printer is designed for fast printing and uses thermal-transfer and direct-thermal printing technologies.

Long lasting and stress resistant

“It is important to have printers that are robust because shipping centres are dusty places,” explains Jörk Schüßler. “However, our customers have few problems with our printers. Once in a while they clean the machines, the rubber roller or the gearwheels. But even the older machines continue to print reliably despite high workloads. With Heidler’s shipping software and our printers for quick label printing, companies are well equipped to grow their shipping business.” 

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