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Profile establishing light for a new start after ore and steel

Efficient lighting for the street, Photos: WE-EF / Ulrich Schwarz...
Efficient lighting for the street, Photos: WE-EF / Ulrich Schwarz

Belval-Quest in Luxemburg is one of the largest post industrial renovation projects in Europe. Profile establishing architecture and lighting concepts are therefore aspects which are not to be underestimated, and decidedly contribute to the acceptance of the project by users.

The legacies of more than 150 years of mining and a formerly prospering heavy industrial site characterise the topography of the landscape and buildings in the South West of the Great Dukedom of Luxemburg. Mining dumps and disused industrial plants demand creative development ideas for the region, as the ore can no longer be mined economically and the steel industry has shrivelled. Restoration, the establishment of modern and economical structures and the conversion of industrial site to useful urban areas are three instruments which will be used in the transformation.

The rebuilding of a town

Belval Quest is an ambitious project, which is looking to combine industrial heritage and modern town planning. The former industrial location near the town of Esch is supposed to accommodate more than 5,000 inhabitants and more than 20,000 daily users in the medium term. In order that neither a commuter town nor a soulless business park arises, strict criterea have already been formulated in the tenders for an international town planning competition: for example the conservation of the historical buildings and a balanced ratio between private and public investments were demanded.

The primary criterion was the mixed use of the land. A total of six planned quarters mean it will be a place for living, working, socializing, retail, sport, recreation and will even offer a place for a campus of the University of Luxemburg. The people in charge are also focusing great attention on transport planning. Via an underground tunnel the motorway networks of France and Luxemburg will connect here and the public transport to the capital and Esch will be intensified. Numerous bike and pedestrian zones as well as bus lanes are supposed to promote transport within the area.

Master plan provides coherence

The planning procedures for Belval-Ouest lighting is receiving the significance that it deserves. A ”Manual Lumière“ regulates both the functional and effect lighting in the public spaces. On the one hand the design handbook states requirements for light technical parameters and lighting effects, and on the other hand also the type and characterisation of the lumianire. What is important is the interface with the architecture and open space and town planning. Light and lighting should support the total design concept.
The lighting master plan was compiled by the planning office ”licht|raum|stadt“ from Wuppertal. The office has also created lighting designs for various part projects in Belval-Ouest that have now been realized.

Efficient lighting for the street

One of these part projects was the very functional street lighting. For the realization of this concept the lighting planners fell back on clear empirical data. Details of average vehicle size, width of the street, urban space proportions and methods of transport (pedestrians, cyclists, cars) are well documented. The lighting planner translated the derived visual requirements into light technical individual parameters such as mounting heights for luminaires, lighting intensity, spacings and arrangement. Of course they took into account all requirements of the various norms and regulations.

The floodlight FLA 740 from WE-EF was used in Belval Quest to light the main and side streets across all areas, mounted on poles.
Its understated appearance fits into the diverse architectural context beautifully. The businesslike style of the luminaires also fits in with the modern style of the new buildings and their technical features also harmonise with the historical, industrial architecture.

Optimised reflectors made of anodized pure aluminium and the option to set the luminaire between 0° and 15°, opens up a multitude of opportunities for use. In addition there is a choice of two different reflectors: FLA 740 [A] exhibits an asymmetric forward throw distribution, whilst FLA 740 [S] posseses an asymmetrical characteristic which is directed sideways.

Designed for metal halide lamps means a choice of outputs ranging from 70 to 250 watt and subsequently mounting heights of between 4 and 8 metre.

In Belval-Quest there are a variety of floodlights on several hundred poles. Often two luminaires were installed on one pole. These light both the main street and the bike and/or pedestrian path at different heights.
Poles with two luminaires at the same height also stand along the dividing roads. Finally, with the FLA 740 all the normative requirements on all main and collective streets in the new town quarters were fulfilled.

The technical diversity of the floodlight family is also matched with a high quality of workmanship. A major requirement for the long life of exterior luminaires is corrosion protection. WE-EF are dedicated to managing the ”5 Critical Elements“ and the subject of corrosion protection. Choice of materials, chemical pre-treatment, powder coating and selection and handling of additional assembly parts are optimised for this criterion. Process control ensures consistant quality.

Project development and implementation: Agora Sàrl & Cie, Esch-sur-Alzette
Lighting design: licht|raum|stadt–planung, Uwe Knappschneider, Wuppertal



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29646 Bispingen

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