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Increase your Productivity!

The combination of the XS3 checkweigher and the AdvanCheK X-ray inspection...
The combination of the XS3 checkweigher and the AdvanCheK X-ray inspection system enables a consistent monitoring of sausage production, guaranteeing the highest level of quality control.

Ensuring quality and improving processes and effi-ciency: METTLER TOLEDO’s presence at IFFA 2010 (8 - 13 May, Messe Frankfurt – Hall 6.0, Stand B80) is all about how to ‘Increase your Productivity’.

Processing, packing, selling: At IFFA 2010, METTLER TOLEDO will be presenting its range of products and so-lutions for use throughout the meat processing chain as well as for butchers.

Solutions for process environments
In terms of applications for Product Inspection, METTLER TOLEDO will use IFFA to demonstrate how meat processing companies can continually ensure the quality of their products in demanding manufacturing en-vironments by using dynamic checkweighing technology, metal detection and X-ray inspection solutions. The In-spireX R40 X-ray inspection system, which enables packaged products to be checked for foreign bodies at high speed, is just one of the highlights on the stand. The METTLER TOLEDO Safeline HDS pipeline metal de-tector will also be on show – this system is used to inspect foodstuffs that are vacuum-filled into sheaths (whether synthetic or natural). Another focal point lies on space-saving combi-systems that unite state-of-the art checkweighing technology with precision metal-detecting or X-ray technology. METTLER TOLEDO’s XS3CC CombiChecker, for example, represents an in-line checkweighing technology plus metal detector that com-bines the compact design and the wide range of options of the XS3 checkweigher with a highly-sensitive metal detector. Another combi-system – the CombiWeigher XS3 AdvanCheK, formed by an X-series checkweigher and an X-ray inspection system – can be seen on the Ro-botik-Pack-Line partner stand.

Solutions for industry
Among the Industrial Weighing applications on display in Frankfurt is METTLER TOLEDO’s new floor scale – the PFA779lift. This hinged, stainless-steel floor scale sets a new standard in terms of hygienic design. Its extremely durable build makes it ideal for use under tough industrial conditions. This high-end scale achieves its full potential when used in conjunction with the durable, stainless steel terminal IND690 and the associated formulation software FormXP-690. This combination is a fully integrated solu-tion that provides meat processing companies with a broad range of weighing and measuring applications, in-cluding totalising, dosing, testing and formulating.

The ID30, a high-end application weighing terminal, is a further highlight at the stand. This terminal is particularly suited for meat processing, thanks to its 17-inch monitor, touchscreen operation and durable design with IP69k pro-tection. Visitors to the METTLER TOLEDO stand will have the opportunity to test the ID30 in conjunction with the FreeWeigh.Net QM software and the FormWeigh.Net formulation software.

Solutions for butcher shops
The focal point of METTLER TOLEDO’s solutions for butchers’ counters at the IFFA 2010: the UC3 Line of touchscreen scales which provide sales promotion oppor-tunities via the customer display on the double-screen scales as well as enabling the countertop scales to be connected to the METTLER TOLEDO ‘Fresh Database’. This database provides shop assistants with direct access not only to product information, but also to recipe sug-gestions, nutritional data and alerts to potential allergy risks, thus forming the perfect foundation for an optimal level of customer service.

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