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EuroShop 2017: focus on energy efficiency

ECOpark and Eco Forum demonstrate and discuss professional energy management in the retail trade

Eco Forum during EuroShop 2014.
Eco Forum during EuroShop 2014.
Source: Messe Duesseldorf/ctillmann

EuroShop is an important barometer and a worldwide indicator of future developments in the retail trade. When the Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre opens its gates for the world's leading trade fair in the retail trade, from 5 to 9 March 2017, the issues of sustainability and energy efficiency will be given a hitherto unparalleled focus at many stands. After all, these are issues which substantially impact the investment decisions of retail companies – both today and to an even greater extent in the future. Retailers are increasingly opting for contemporary solutions that increase the energy efficiency of their refrigeration, air-conditioning, ventilation and lighting systems, while more and more shops are also adopting the Internet of Things and its growing number of smart services in retail facility management. This is of course boosting the level of professionalism in retail energy management, and we are also seeing an increasing focus on the use and integration of renewable energies.

To meet the needs of this development, EuroShop will be running the ECOpark again – for the third time now – as an innovation platform on the issue of energy. The ECOpark can be visited in Hall 15, as part of a EuroShop dimension entitled Food Tech & Energy Management.

The range offered by exhibitors will be ideally supplemented by the Eco Forum with its professional talks and a direct exchange of ideas between experts. The Forum will have simultaneous German/English interpreting and is open to visitors free of charge and without prior registration.

The ECOpark will feature the German Central Association for Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Engineering (ZVKKW) as well as 12 specialist suppliers: Biddle B.V., Cool and Call GmbH, Cool-Expert GmbH, Danfoss GmbH, Digitronic Automationsanlagen GmbH, Hörburger AG, KB KälteBeratung GmbH, KKU CONCEPT GmbH, Mangelberger Elektrotechnik GmbH, MultiCross GmbH, Stulz GmbH and Tengelmann Energie GmbH.

Matthias Schmitt, PhD, the Chairman of ZVKKW, describes the involvement of his association at EuroShop as follows: “The German Central Association for Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Engineering has advocated greater energy efficiency in refrigeration for many years now – long before it became a political issue. It therefore follows logically that we should support this focal area of the ECOpark at EuroShop and that we should promote it at the Eco Forum.”

Sven Schwarze, Managing Director of KKu Concept GmbH, wants to demonstrate to visitors how they can, for instance, handle the renewable energy levy. “Our message to EuroShop visitors is that we can offer a genuine alternative to electricity – an option which creates energy cost savings of up to 50 per cent: chillers operated by gas engines and heat pumps for the benefit of humans, products and buildings.”

Vincent Freigang, Key Account Manager at Tengelmann Energie GmbH, is looking forward to EuroShop: “The ECOpark is a superb platform to exchange ideas with professionals on current issues and on challenges associated with energy efficiency in the retail trade.” Freigang sees the following issue as today’s greatest energy challenge: “Retail companies primarily need to make sure they maintain an overview in the face of vast floods of data and information. To do so, there are a variety of ways in which interdisciplinary, sustainable and energy-efficient action can be taken across all corporate levels.” And he goes on to say: “We are currently supporting many of our customers in creating the necessary transparency for their energy use and costs, as it enables them to be proactive and sustainable in their energy management.”

EuroShop 2017 will be open to trade visitors daily from Sunday 5 March 2017 to Thursday 9 March 2017, 10:00 to 18:00 hrs. A day ticket is EUR 70 (EUR 50 for an e-ticket, purchased online in advance), 2-day ticket EUR 90 (e-ticket: EUR 70) and a 4-day ticket EUR 150 (e-ticket: EUR 130). Entrance tickets include free trips to and from EuroShop on all trains, buses and trams in the VRR transport area (Verkehrsverbund-Rhein-Ruhr).

Source: EuroShop

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