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Store Management Solutions for Retail

ConnectFlow will provide you with the central management of your Retail operation combined with low cost of ownership, as well as possibilities to enhance customer service. ConnectFlow will efficiently manage all of your store transactions, your point-of-sale environment into your merchandise and financial systems. And by using the very latest technology, this can be provided in an online architecture with a full multichannel capability. Your retail environment is the starting point of our store solution.

How you will benefit from using ConnectFlow:

Control of your operation (TCO)
Due to the central management of the store operation in all aspects, less effort will be required in maintaining the store environment both on a daily and periodic basis (e.g. new versions/updates etc.). Furthermore, with store monitoring tools in place, potential problems in e.g.hardware can already be signalled before they result in total system failure. Another major benefit is that ConnectFlow can recover a new POS with no loss of store/sales data with the potential of reducing downtime by more than 50% as regards fixing time.

Improved customer service
You will be given the ability to provide both Track and Trace possibilities for, as an example, repairs/complaints as well as online customer orders (with status within the supply chain) and this will enable your staff to be much better informed about their customers. Another major improvement is the ability to provide instant information both on stock levels within the supply chain as well as customer ordering possibilities. These functions can also be used for your multichannel environment.
Transactions and Financial information
All transactions within your store environment are safely stored within ConnectFlow and therefore provide a powerful tool for Sales and Auditing (e.g.Loss Prevention) as well as for all Financial information that is relevant to the store environment. Whether you require reports from ConnectFlow or from your own intranet, you will be able to receive the right information, whenever you want, wherever you are.

Integration with ERP solutions
Te development of ConnectFlow has been based on clear standards and technologies to integrate both online as well as offline with ERP-solutions. Therefore, implementations can be facilitated more quickly and maintenance for the future will be lower. ConnectFlow connects the store environment with your ERP-environment.

The key ConnectFlow functionalities are:
  • Retail configuration
  • Retail Location Manager
  • Configuration of Stores
  • Point-of-Sale configuration and basic data
  • Flexible promotion and pricing
  • Backup and Recovery

Retail Control
  • Store Monitoring
  • Transaction auditing
  • Hardware monitoring
  • Version control / Update
  • Sales Audit and Reporting

Retail Integration
  • ERP Integration (online)
  • Communication centre
  • MultiChannel capability
  • Portal integration

What ConnectFlow delivers to you:
  • Central control and configuration of your retail operation
  • Time-to-fix in case of recovery of Point-of-Sale will be greatly reduced without loss of data
  • Stock, Promotions and Customer information is centrally managed and there-fore there will always be`one-truth`for staff and consumers
  • Multi-Channel architecture with full online capabilities (based on VPN) with resilience
  • Proven integration with leading ERP-systems such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics/AX and Retek
  • From Fashion to Department Stores, Electronics, Hardgoods to Convenience Stores (Specialty Retail)
  • Based on current market standards in Technology and Retail

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