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shop decoration

A shopping experience that encompasses all of the senses, this also includes the design and decoration of the retail space. Here you'll find examples, tips, trends and impressions.

Thumbnail-Photo: Visplay solution for Ripani store in the Dubai Mall...
20.03.2013   #shop building #shop equipment

Visplay solution for Ripani store in the Dubai Mall

Store’s atmosphere now echoes ancient Italian glories

Ripani – high quality leather bags and accessories - made in Italy - are meticulously crafted by Italy’s skilled artisans using only the finest Italian raw materials. Ripani is famous for its fashionable, elegant and exquisite ...

20.09.2012   #shop building #shopfitting

Karstadt opens second K TOWN store in Cologne

New shop concept

Following the success of the K Town pilot project in Göttingen, Karstadt opened a second K Town store in Cologne on 14 September. This new shop concept forms a key part of the "Karstadt 2015" strategy. K Town will contribute further ...

Thumbnail-Photo: The shoe salon in the health resort of Merano...
07.08.2012   #shop building #shopfitting

The shoe salon in the health resort of Merano

Refitted during the spring of 2012 by Umdasch Shopfitting

Yes, they still exist – those small, exclusive, owner-run shoe shops and boutiques which are aware of their strengths and which have the confidence to invest in their future. We discovered one such establishment in the famous arcades of the ...

Thumbnail-Photo: SOISTES - the modular system for presentations and information...
21.07.2009   #shop building #shopfitting

SOISTES - the modular system for presentations and information

a solution of striking simplicity for complex and multiple demands

this simple but ingenious system was born out of the challenges that modern architecture gives us, with its huge open spaces in metal and glass: the need for a universal system, that can be freestanding or mobil, that can be mounted to the wall or ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Shop-Systems by Umdasch
27.05.2008   #shopfitting #shop design

Shop-Systems by Umdasch

Innovative design competence in Umdasch product development

Umdasch Shop-Concept has been attracting attention with its wide-ranging product campaign. No fewer than five new systems have been developed. The EuroShop is just one opportunity for Umdasch to demonstrate its leading role as a supplier of ...

29.02.2008   #shopfitting #shop decoration

Schaufensterfigur - Annabel

● Beautiful pose creating a fashionable and chic statement ● Glossy hazel eyes and long dark eyelashes ● Two fittings to leg allowing footwear to be displayed ● Contemporary glass base and short blonde wig included Measurements: Height ...

29.02.2008   #shopfitting #shop decoration

Schaufensterfigur - Amber

Beautifully hand painted face with incredible attention to detail Glossy eyes for an extra realistic look Two fittings to leg allowing footwear to be displayed Contemporary glass base and very long blonde wig ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Moto 88 store roll out
28.11.2007   #shop building #shopfitting

Moto 88 store roll out

Bartuf Solutions was involved in the design, manufacture and installation of display equipment into 88 MOTO Retail locations MOTO’s wanted to convert and re-brand their service area stores to the WHSmith brand A group of 4 teams of 3 ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Optician / BNGraphics, BNConcept, BNInterior, BNArchitecture & BNPlanning...
20.11.2007   #shop building #shopfitting

Optician / BNGraphics, BNConcept, BNInterior, BNArchitecture & BNPlanning

Profil Optik Brøbecher; unique shop in Aarhus in a nationwide chain of opticians in Denmark A project which includes all five of Brugger & Nielsen's departments: Graphics, Concept, Interior, Architecture and Planning. Development of ...

16.11.2007   #shop building #shopfitting

Stylish partitions herald yet another use for Albion Suspended Display Systems™

The debut at a London bank headquarters of striking, floor-to-ceiling partitions in stainless steel rod and colourful acrylic has demonstrated once again the exceptional versatility of the Suspended Display Systems range manufactured in the UK by ...

Thumbnail-Photo: KriskaDECOR®
23.10.2007   #shopfitting #shop decoration


Presents their curtains for Stands and shops

KriskaDECOR® is a metal curtain which offers a wealth of options for partitioning rooms and as a decorative feature. KriskaDECOR® is made from small interlinked pieces of anodized aluminium which form a lightweight, versatile mesh. It is a ...

Thumbnail-Photo: MODULAR SYSTEMS for individuality and diversity...
21.09.2007   #shop equipment #shop decoration

MODULAR SYSTEMS for individuality and diversity


The CLASSIC & HIGH TECH MODULAR SYSTEMS offer you an unrivaled range of combination options for stools, barstools and tables Combine furniture in a stylish design according to the module principle. Conjure up an undreamt of diversity of ...

Thumbnail-Photo: TERRAZZA
21.09.2007   #shop equipment #shop decoration


Offer you open-air pleasure ...

… after all what is more delightful than to sit in the sun and leave your cares behind you! Terrace chairs and sun loungers in an entirely new look! The TERRAZZA collection astounds with its light, airy and extremely comfortable furniture in ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Store Interior from MOprojects
23.07.2007   #shop building #shopfitting

Store Interior from MOprojects

The interior of a store should convey an optical relation to the merchandise. The customer must feel comfortable and must be convinced of the store's competence by its interior and ambience. ...


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