Report • 28.09.2015

What shop design can look like: Merkur supermarket in Krems, Austria

Children-friendly market flair and kitchen with fresh food from the market

The store design is characterized by the provision of fresh food areas in...
The pedestal on the family cash desk helps curious shopping companions to finally see what it is that is running over the counter. Loading the trolley is much easier then. And playfully engaged children are happy children.
Source: MERKUR Warenhandels AG/APA-Fotoservice/Bollwein

The new concept of the Merkur market is very close to the customer, with regional products and fresh food from the market cuisine. Customers can put together fruit baskets and pay their shopping together with their kids at a "Family Cash Desk".

"With the new market design, we focus on emotion and personality. Merkur stands for pleasure and joy of life and this should be reflected not only in the product mix, but also in a most enjoyable shopping experience," explains Merkur Board Member Manfred Denner.

His colleague Kerstin Neumayer adds: "Our Merkur market kitchen should be a place to stay, a place of encounter and dialogue - because food brings people together. Pleasure and joy of life begins for us with the shopping in our markets continues while eating in our market kitchens."

More details on the market can be found in the photo gallery.

Author: Natascha Mörs;

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