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TelevisNet - access to plants and interaction via the web

TelevisNet - access to plants and interaction via the web...
TelevisNet - access to plants and interaction via the web

In the time it takes to travel from England to Egypt, Eliwell was able to install the TelevisNet monitoring system and a wireless communications network in a supermarket spanning 7000m2.

Completed in just five hours, the pilot project, undertaken with Linde KT Italiana, saw the adoption of RadioAdapter wireless communication modules, enabling Eliwell to create a complete control and monitoring system, that includes 27 measuring points without having to lay a single metre of cable.

Of course, flexibility is the key feature of wireless systems, which are not only designed to ensure maximum adaptability, but are also ideal for use in conditions in which conventional wired systems are too costly or unsuitable. The use of RadioAdapter communication modules enables the monitoring system to be extended to plug-in refrigeration cabinets, often moved around within a supermarket to draw attention to products during promotions or other events. They also make it possible to reach remote points of the plant, such as cold rooms, without the need to lay cables, which is often a long and costly process. Furthermore, the system can easily be extended and integrated with new devices to suit the development needs of the store in question.

In the system created by Eliwell and Linde K.T. Italiana, each of the controllers connected to the RadioAdapters communicate with the central TelevisNet system. Thanks to TelevisNet, all the system users can be monitored and controlled from a remote location over the web.

The TelevisNet system is evolving from an application for MS Windows into a fully-fledged web-based platform. With TelevisNet 3.1.0, it is now possible to consult all the key operating parameters, such as temperature, alarms and all operating states of the connected devices. It is also possible to operate from a remote location, simply by using Internet Explorer and without installing any software, exploiting all the TCP/IP communication channels offered by the Windows platform (modem, ADSL, Ethernet etc.).

The new web-based views, which are more intuitive and simpler to consult, include history charts and real-time data on resources: the data can be printed or extracted and downloaded in a format compatible with Microsoft Excel. New pages have also been added, for the purpose of interacting with the controllers and changing their configuration. Furthermore, the graphic user interface has been restyled to enhance the readability of information, while navigation is now more fluent thanks to the outstandingly high speed with which pages are displayed.

Version 3.1.0 of Televis also includes new technologies introduced by Eliwell: RadioAdapter, the 2.4GHz wireless communication system which links the supervisor to the controllers, and the LanAdapter Ethernet/RS-485 converter.

TelevisNet 3.1.0 also introduces a web interface for palmtop devices (with ¼ VGA display), which is designed specifically for easy navigation and readability, taking into account the limited size of the screen and the limited bandwidth available to palmtop devices.

The user-friendliness of TelevisNet 3.1.0 is further enhanced by the large number of localisations available: system technicians and administrators access a user interface, which is personalised according to the access permissions assigned to them and the selected language. Information can be viewed in 16 languages including English, Russian, Chinese, Turkish, Greek and Dutch.

Suitable for plants of all sizes, TelevisNet 3.1.0 provides a full alarm management service complete with alerts via SMS, fax and email, and data recording in line with the EN12830 standard.

By using the TelevisLink software, supplied as standard, the system can be configured from a remote location, with complete third-party management of both Eliwell and Modbus controllers.
Although the Televis system includes specific features for commercial refrigeration, it is also ideal for HVAC applications and other types of industrial and process applications.

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