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Innovative ceramic floor covering for highest demands

Shop "Changemaker" in Zurich

In professional shopfitting, not only the question "What goes into the shop?" often arises but also "What  has to be taken out again when the property is vacated?" In the case of the ambitious concept of the Zurich shop "Changemaker", the answer was: everything. Even the floor covering. Thus, the task was to find a product which can be removed again later without any problems. The solution: the DryTile system. It consists of ceramic floor tiles which are laid dry (without adhesive) and can therefore be completely removed.



Buchtal 1
92521 Schwarzenfeld
Logo: DryTile Ceramics GmbH

DryTile Ceramics GmbH

Im Petersborn 2
56244 Ötzingen
Finished renovated interior of the store
Hard to believe, but true: the innovative ceramic tiles from DryTile Ceramics GmbH are laid dry (without adhesive) and can therefore not only be completely removed without great effort, but are also laid up to eight times faster than by the conventional method. The aesthetics is also convincing thanks to numerous designs, formats and colours.

The planning lead times in shop construction are short, every day counts and costs money due to unrealizable sales. Through research on the Internet, he came across the DryTile system from DryTile Ceramics GmbH, which combines the material-related advantages of ceramic floor tiles with complete removability. This is made possible by a thin cork layer on the back, laying without adhesive and a specially developed pointing compound. As the system requires no adhesive, it can be laid up to eight times faster than by the conventional method and can even be walked on immediately before pointing.

Great creative scope

However, the DryTile tiles were interesting to the interior designer not only because of these practical advantages, but also with a view to the wide range of creative possibilities. DryTile tiles are available in numerous attractive designs and in the formats of 30 x 60, 45 x 90, 60 x 60, 75 x 75, 90 x 90 and 60 x 120 centimetres. The standard range already includes 20 series with a corresponding range of colours and surfaces. In order to create a harmonious relationship with the wooden shop fittings, DryTile tiles from the Valley series in the 60 x 60 centimetre format were used. "In the tone sand-beige, they fit seamlessly into the colour concept of the Changemaker shops: bright, natural and focused on the essentials”, says the interior designer. “

Renovation work in the store
The first row is set as a reference for the more than 100 m² of DryTile tiles, which were laid in a flash. Before pointing, the covering can be walked on immediately, thus allowing other trades such as painters or electricians to work in parallel.

Ethics kisses aesthetics

Ceramic tiles are one of the most sustainable floor coverings available. They thus fulfilled the high requirements of Changemaker, which is also reflected in the company claim "ethics kisses aesthetics". DryTile tiles also score with other advantages such as uncomplicated disposal (harmless construction waste), intelligent, resource-saving packaging (stacked on pallets without individual cardboard boxes and without individual foils) and absolute freedom from emissions (odours and vapours are neither emitted nor absorbed).

Renovation work in the store
The special DryTile pointing compound is applied. Around three hours later, the pointing is completed, which was then allowed to cure overnight in a logistically elegant manner.

DryTile facts

A prerequisite for DryTile is a particularly level laying base. Their thin cork layer on the back, which is durably applied already in the factory by a special technique, and the pointing compound specially developed for the system allow fast and safe laying without adhesive. When the tiles are butting against one another, the cork layer on back, which protrudes exactly on all sides, automatically produces an elegant narrow joint. Without pointing, the covering can be walked on immediately, for example for subsequent works by other trades such as painters or electricians. After pointing, the surface can be walked on already after 12 hours and is fully load-bearing after a further 12 hours.

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