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Güntner Innovations at Chillventa

At the Chillventa trade fair show, the company Güntner again presented new and innovative products

The team of Güntner at Chillventa 2014.
The team of Güntner at Chillventa 2014.
Source: Güntner GmbH & Co. KG

All exhibited heat exchangers follow the motto “Innovations for all fluids”. This means that the new product generations are not only set up to fulfil all regulations that are valid as of next year; it also means that on the technical level, the new units are impressively designed and optimized with regard to all refrigerants.

The available heat exchanger coil combinations are thus precisely geared to the respective refrigerants and fluids. The tube diameters and materials in combination with the fin geometries constitute the optimum of both capacity and minimal tube volume. No matter which fluid you are going to use, be it water/glycol mixtures, HFC, natural refrigerants (e.g. NH3, CO2, propane) or new, artificial refrigerants (like R1234yf, R1234ze, …) – the units designed for the respective fluids are the technically optimal solution. As always with Güntner, a wide range of accessories is available for the new series. And despite the special know-how being used in the background in the Güntner Product Calculator (GPC), the handling of our very popular design software remains as simple as ever.

Güntner video report from Chillventa 2014:

New GACV: variant offensive in air cooler segment

The new Güntner air cooler series GACV (Güntner Air cooler Cubic Vario) offers high design variability in order to provide the appropriate unit for any application. All prevalent refrigerants like HFC, NH3, CO2 etc. or fluids may be used. In addition to the numerous material combinations, different types of fans and a wide range of accessories are available in order to optimally adapt the unit – within a capacity range of 1 to 335 kW – to the specific application requirements, even in case of special applications. Due to the compact design, transport costs and space requirements in the application situation are minimized.

New condenser/dry cooler GCHV/GFHV: high performance throughout

The new condenser and dry cooler series GCHV (Güntner Condenser Horizontal Vario) and GFHV (Güntner Fluid cooler Horizontal Vario) also emphasize flexibility in the design. With a capacity range of up to approx. 1,300 kW and a modular design concept, these new series leave nothing to be desired with regard to application possibilities. The therefor newly developed heat exchangers with varying fin geometries and tube dimensions can be combined with a numerous casings and fans. The optimization of the units is done considering technical and economic aspects. Among other things, the velocity of the fans is adapted to the required sound specifications during the design process. By the way: All units of these series are not only equipped with the proven floating coil principle, they are moreover available in a vertical version as GCVV/GFVV.

New products for commercial refrigeration

Within the scope of the revision and technical optimization of the heat exchangers with regard to the prevalent refrigerants, we also developed new series for the area of commercial refrigeration. The GCHC/VC (Güntner Condenser Horizontal/Vertical Compact) for example, a compact condenser – more or less kid brother to the GCHV – is available with capacities of up to 400 kW and offers the possibility to use heat exchangers with finoox or microox technology in the same casing, as required.

The new Güntner air cooler GASC (Güntner Air cooler Slim Compact) is a slim, ceiling-mounted unit available for HFC as well as CO2. With the slim, hygiene-certified design and a capacity range of 0.6 to 14 kW, this unit is an excellent air cooler for applications in commercial refrigeration, especially for applications requiring small capacities in cooling rooms with low ceilings. The units are easy to install, the side covering can be taken off. The complete casing construction is very easy to open and clean. Several unit types designed for standard applications are even available as units in stock with correspondingly short delivery times.

With the high-efficiency air cooler GACC (Güntner Air cooler Cubic Compact) in cubic design, Güntner offers a classical standard product for numerous applications in the field of commercial refrigeration. The GACC consists of a high-efficiency heat exchanger with staggered tube pattern in a compact casing. The unit types are available for a capacity range of 1.5 to 68 kW and offer many application advantages. With the easy to open components like drip tray and heating sheet and the easy to open side covering, the GACC is readily accessible for inspection and maintenance and is cleaned in next to no time. With the optional Güntner Streamer, the air throw into the cooling room is especially high.

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