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Eliwell RadioAdapter offers wireless connectivity for refrigeration and air conditioning

If you’re looking for an end-to-end, cable-free control system then RadioAdapter is the answer. RadioAdapter is Eliwell’s cost-effective and comprehensive modular solution that delivers the essential flexibility needed in modern commercial refrigeration and air conditioning applications.

Standard RS-485 cabled monitoring systems often struggle to meet the requirements of modern mass retailing and only the most advanced technological solutions can accommodate the large areas to be covered, the frequent changes to isle and bay layouts, and the need for reliable systems and 24/7 monitoring. This is no longer a problem however as the refrigeration industry can now reap the technological advantages of the wireless revolution. In RadioAdapter systems, data is sent between on-board machine controllers and the central plant monitoring system via radio frequency signals.

In RadioAdapter, Eliwell has replaced conventional wiring with radio waves, cutting installation costs while offering the utmost flexibility. Networks of up to 100 RadioAdapters can be built, each element interfacing seamlessly with Televis or Modbus RTU supervision systems. The potential is unlimited, as the technology can be applied not only to commercial refrigeration but to air-conditioning and industrial automation applications as well. Each individual RadioAdapter can be connected to up to 240 controllers.

This technology is ideal for new plants, as it substantially reduces the cost of installing the control network. Alternatively, RadioAdapter can be used in parallel with existing networks to monitor devices which are difficult to reach, or with plug-in chiller cabinets which can then be positioned as required anywhere on the sales floor.

RadioAdapter is IEEE 802.15.4-compliant and can be used to create communication networks using Mesh technology. In these networks, each Radio Adapter acts as a repeater for data transmission and receipt, making it possible to cover large surfaces areas, get around blocked paths, change system layout and guarantee continuous function even when communication fails between one or more nodes thereby guaranteeing maximum system reliability.

Eliwell has put together a complete hardware/software package (for controllers, RadioAdapters and monitoring systems) specially for installation engineers as well as customised training courses to teach the specific skills required for this type of technology. Courses are held at the company headquarters in Pieve d'Alpago (Belluno) and in external locations with the cooperation of regional distributors.

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