News • 19.10.2022

Acne Studios unveils its Yorkdale store

Luxury fashion house unveils new store in Toronto's prestigious Yorkdale complex

Located in the prestigious Yorkdale complex, the first Acne Studios store in Canada opens 19 August 2022. Designed by Swedish architect firm Halleroed, the Toronto project follows the brand’s global store ethos – each location makes individual use of the Acne Studios design language.

A fashion mannequin stands behind two green lounge chairs...
Source: Acne Studios

Representing the iconic Acne Studios pink, the Rosa Perlino marble-clad shopfront is monumental and symmetrical. Yet there’s an interplay between the taller, visually heavier upper and the lower, recessed entrance and two windows displaying Daniel Silver mannequins. To Halleroed, it’s a translation of Ancient Greek temples into a contemporary, minimalistic approach.

A green fashion mannequin stands next to a green lounge chair...
Source: Acne Studios

Designed as a monumental room with high ceilings, signature Acne Studios stainless steel fixtures on the walls lead the eyes towards a very tall portico. Behind the portico are the fitting rooms and cash desk with the total retail space measuring 160m2. High gloss stucco lustro walls and ceiling not only provide a subtle contrast to the pink marble facade, but also the green-dyed canvas furniture in batik pattern by Max Lamb. Three pillars, also clad in Rosa Perlino marble, create a backdrop for more of Daniel Silver’s mannequins.

“We know Greek sculptures were painted and were very much to do with depicting or sculpting the idea of the body. Me using the mannequins now is a relationship to those Greek sculptures, but at the same time, rethinking them. And because the idea of movement in sculpture is interesting, the mannequins are in different poses – they’re dancing,” says Silver.

A piece of clothing on a clothes rail next to two green lounge chairs...
Source: Acne Studios

French designer Benoit Lalloz suspends track lighting the length of the store, further heightening the airy, formidable space. “I don’t have a specific approach to Acne Studios projects, other than the profound need to always respect their ideas and never negatively dazzle them. My job is to allow customers to have the best possible visual experience – to read and discover the works of Acne Studios,” says Lalloz.

Source: Acne Studios

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