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New access point with internal antennas

LANCOM Systems presents 300 Mbps dual-radio access point in a modern white design

New access point with internal antennas
Source: LANCOM Systems GmbH

LANCOM Systems introduces a new 300-Mbps access point from the L-3xx series. The LANCOM L-330agn dual Wireless comes in a sleek white design and is equipped with two IEEE 802.11agn dual-band radio modules.

Its four MIMO antennas are discreetly enclosed within the housing, and the LEDs can be switched off. The device is thus ideal for operation in exclusive and modern buildings.

The LANCOM L-330agn dual Wireless is the ideal solution for enterprises and institutions looking to offer discreet high-performance WLANs with reliable coverage or user-friendly hotspot solutions (for example in hotels, restaurants, universities, libraries, etc.).

WLAN from LANCOM: Smart. Fast. Innovative.

This access point offers a number of innovative features: It uses the intelligent WLAN optimization concept LANCOM Active Radio Control (ARC) to sustainably optimize its radio field.

ARC provides an array of optimization technologies: With spectral scanning, WLAN interference sources can be reliably identified and graphically represented for effective network troubleshooting. Adaptive Noise Immunity enables the access point to block out interference and to focus exclusively on WLAN clients with sufficient signal strength. For installations with several access points and managed by a WLAN controller, Client Steering intelligently distributes individual clients to the best available access point.

The Band Steering feature actively directs WLAN clients away from the often overcrowded 2.4-GHz band to the higher-performance 5-GHz frequency band. Automatically controlled by the access point, the redirection of clients can more than double WLAN performance due to the number of channels available for bundling in the higher frequency band. With RF Optimization, WLAN clients in Controller-managed networks benefit from improved throughput thanks to reduced channel overlaps.

The LANCOM L-330agn Wireless offers two IEEE 802.11agn dual-band modules. Optionally operating in the 2.4 and 5-GHz bands in parallel, it is ideal for installation in mixed WLAN environments. One module offers the full performance of the 5-GHz band, while the other radio module serves bg clients in the 2.4-GHz band. The device remains fully backwards compatible to older WLAN standards such as IEEE 802.11b/g. The device supports network virtualization by means of both multi-SSID and VLAN, and is optionally powered by PoE (IEEE 802.3af). The access point supports DFS (Dynamic Frequency Selection), so it can additionally make use of the 5-GHz channels that require the use of DFS. Two Ethernet interfaces connect to the network, one of these being a Gigabit Ethernet interface.

Like all LANCOM access points, the new model optionally operates in stand-alone mode or in combination with a LANCOM WLAN controller. The device is also equipped with a comprehensive range of security features, including fully functional IEEE 802.11i with WPA2 and AES encryption, and also IEEE 802.1X/EAP (WPA2 Enterprise) for high-security environments.

Source: LANCOM Systems GmbH

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