BÄRO GmbH & Co. KG


BÄRO GmbH & Co. KG
Mitglied im dlv – Netzwerk Ladenbau e.V.

Wolfstall 54-56
42799 Leichlingen

Phone: +49 (0)2174 799 0
Fax: +49 (0)2174 799 799

E-Mail: regine.hoeller@baero.de
Internet: www.baero.de

Founding Year: 1967
Number of Employees: 201-500

Special field:
BÄRO is the European specialist in the field of lighting for fresh foods and lighting for overall concepts (entire supermarkets, department stores, etc.). This applies to both the food and non-food sectors.

BÄRO light:
The lighting specialist BÄRO has made it its business to light good products perfectly. BÄRO knows: light is more than pure brightness, light used in the right way is the top sales promoter in retailing. Product-specific lighting is absolutely    necessary to increase sales in the field of fresh food, for only food which is presented in an appetizing way is purchased.
Using a special light technique with a patent filter BÄRO can protect fresh food, such as sausages and meat goods, fruit and vegetables, and even milk and cheese, from colour deterioration and drying out.

Trading chains, supermarkets, butchers, bakers, specialist fruit and vegetable     stores, flower shops, fish shops, special     shops for cheese and dairy products, cake shops etc. (of course BÄRO does not only light the fresh food areas / food departments, but also the whole shop/department store)

Service / claim:
At BÄRO great importance is attached to the principle “First obtain information, then invest”. A light show at the BÄRO headquarters gives customers an    opportunity to compare more than 200 types of lighting in model shops and to assess them individually.
BÄRO see themselves as a full-service partner for the customer, and BÄRO staff stand by the customer in all stages from advice, to planning, assembly and servicing.

With special computer technology which enables the shop lighting to be planned perfectly in advance and represents it, the effect of the future lighting can seen directly at BÄRO, enabling every customer to find an individual lighting concept at no cost.

Market shares:
BÄRO is clearly the market leader in the segment of fresh food lighting.