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Merchandise Management Systems for the retail industry

Since the company was founded in 1986 we have concentrated on the development of solutions to optimize the economic work flow at retail. Our systems shall increase successes and income of our customers.

Superdata’s merchandise management system DEWAS is one of the leading and most widespread systems with over 7.000 installations at more than 80 national and international companies. With great innovative power Superdata provides its customers optimized work flow and high efficiency while competitive pressure increases. The focus currently is on mobile application scenarios and innovative cloud-solutions.

Further products like cashPLUS, a POS- and merchandise management system with industry-specific characteristics, Loss Prevention Audit, and PromoServer – a customer loyalty tool - complete Superdata’s portfolio and offer an all-round solution for all retail companies.  

Visit our website to learn more about our solutions and products and their use in different retail branches.

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Thumbnail-Photo: Loss Prevention Audit helps to reduce inventory discrepancies...
09.05.2018   #inventory #loss prevention

Loss Prevention Audit helps to reduce inventory discrepancies

Shoplifting still causes multibillion losses at German retail

The share of losses due to clients, employees, suppliers and service persons amounted to 3.4 billion Euro in 2016 (EHI Study 2017). 820 million Euro of this are caused by employees. ...

Thumbnail-Photo: cashPlus
01.01.2017   #cashpoints, cash register, cash desk #data warehouse management


cashPlus is a compatible software combination with a user friendly cash register with touch screen plus extensive functionalities of a merchandise management solution

The distinctive feature is the extension and upgradability of a cash register system by merchandise management functions.cashPlus offers an optimized coverage of functions for specific requirements as a standard. These features are available for ...

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