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iShopShape’s solutions help s.Oliver optimise sales process

Leading fashion brand harmonises merchandising across channels

iShopShape’s solutions help s.Oliver optimise sales process...
iShopShape’s solutions help s.Oliver optimise sales process

iShopShape, a leading provider of retail execution and compliance management solutions, announced today that its solutions have been selected by s.Oliver, a leading German-based fashion and lifestyle brand. The company is now using iShopShape’s acclaimed Mockshop and StyleShoots solutions to streamline the communication of merchandising instructions to own stores, partner stores and shops all over the world.

s.Oliver has recently adopted a corporate strategy centred on rationalising its vertical business processes and unifying its visual merchandising across all its surfaces. These include a mix of own-brand stores, partner shops, corners, sales areas in department stores, as well as an online shop. The company implemented iShopShape’s Mockshop solution in December 2008 and has since been able to harmonise the layout and branding of its collections at the point of sale. In addition, the company has integrated Mockshop with its corporate ERP system to support faster communications and processes between headquarters and the shop floor in the future.

In the second phase of the project, which began in summer 2009, s.Oliver is streamlining its photography process using StyleShoots. This will enable the fashion and lifestyle firm to take photos of its products just once, then use them to style and portray the clothes and accessories in a unified way. Styleshoots is a complete hardware and software solution to “shoot, shape and show” products in a variety of output formats. Users do not need to be photography specialists to produce stylish and appealing images and publish them wherever they are needed. Output from StyleShoots is fully compatible with Mockshop.

“We decided to work with iShopShape as they offer a winning combination of deep expertise in the fashion industry along with state of the art technology,” comments Henry Taubald, s.Oliver’s chief operating officer. “The Mockshop and StyleShoots solutions are easy to use and help us to make significant time and cost savings in our visual merchandising and photography processes.”

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