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G.O.L.D. Pick optimises the allocation and utilisation of the picking zone storage space in warehouses

G.O.L.D. Pick optimises the allocation and utilisation of the picking zone...
G.O.L.D. Pick optimises the allocation and utilisation of the picking zone storage space in warehouses

G.O.L.D. Pick
The application module of the G.O.L.D. Software family optimises the allocation and utilisation of the picking zone storage space in warehouses.

G.O.L.D. Pick is an optimisation tool which enables consistency checking, optimisation of global operational costs, enhanced pallet utilisation and the forecasting of new picking capacities.

G.O.L.D. Software
Aldata G.O.L.D. is a complete solution dedicated to the supply chain for the retail, wholesale, industry and 3rd party logistics sectors.
Aldata Solution, with its G.O.L.D. software package, has a global product presence with prestigious references over many thousands of sites.

A Complete and Powerful System
G.O.L.D. Pick is a powerful decision support tool dedicated to optimising the allocation of storage space in the picking zone. G.O.L.D. Pick takes account of the operational costs, pallet fill-in optimisation and an intelligent allocation of the articles.
G.O.L.D. Pick permits the evaluation of picking reallocations based on the best parameterisation of each article, store layout constraints and transport considerations.

G.O.L.D. Pick offers numerous functions and benefits:

  • Define for each article the picking configuration which optimises global handling costs
  • Respect the proximity constraints imposed by shelf layouts in the sales outlet (product family proximity)
  • Control operating costs : picking replenishment and preparation
  • Introduce articles and integrate new references in the preparation path
  • Quickly determine the optimal picking reallocation
  • Reduce administrative costs associated with the preparation of a (re)allocation.
  • A Modular System

G.O.L.D. Pick is composed of modules which correspond exactly to the main operational picking functions.
G.O.L.D. Pick optimises transport through the reduction of unused pallet space whilst meeting product integrity.
G.O.L.D. Pick employs a powerful and fast algorithm which calculates the optimal configuration for each product. The constraints are hierarchised and proposals are provided for operator validation.

A High Performance System
G.O.L.D. Pick is specifically designed for logistics and warehouse operations:

  • Ensure picking layout coherency to adapt to the specificity and constraint of each picking activity
  • Optimise global operating costs, via the calculation algorithm, to implement the best solution which makes best use of the available storage space and minimise operating costs
  • Limit unused pallet space via picking reallocation which takes into account the physical characteristics of the products and the optimisation of the article sequencing on the picking path
  • Plan the integration of new references without having to perform a global reallocation via the reservation of free locations for integrating new articles
  • Simulate different reallocation options and select the reallocation which is best adapted to the environment, the constraints and the objectives of both the warehouse and the company.

G.O.L.D. Pick has standard interfaces for information exchange with existing systems.

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