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TRILUX Valuco: Classic Luminaire with Modern Design

TRILUX Valuco: Classic Luminaire with Modern Design...
TRILUX Valuco: Classic Luminaire with Modern Design

TRILUX Valuco is a modern diffuser luminaire with a classic design. Following the zeitgeist, TRILUX has taken up the up-to-date black/white look and thus created a timeless lighting solution. The black end caps, projecting from the ends of the luminaire, appear as if they penetrate the body of the entire Valuco. This design feature makes the Valuco a one-of-a-kind luminaire that is ideally suited for use in design-oriented lighting solutions, for instance, in foyers, representative entrance areas, shops, hotels, medical practices and offices. This is supported by the entire range of the product family: The TRILUX Valuco is available as surface-mounted luminaire for ceilings or walls (horizontal oder vertical) as well as suspended individual luminaire or a continuous-line arrangement or special suspended double diffuser version. With its high-quality and unobstrusive appearance, the opal diffuser allows for an almost unlimited scope of possible applications which are further increased thanks to the wide variety of different technical versions. Special multi-lamp versions also facilitate a forward-looking white/white light control.


  • Direct/ indirect T5 diffuser luminaire
  • Diffuser with satinised surface
  • 14/24, 28/54 or 35/49/80 W; 1-lamp to 4-lamp version
  • Dimmable or digitally dimmable with electronic control gear
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