Product • 11.04.2008

TRILUX Quadrial: an innovative lighting concept with a high capacity for adaptation

TRILUX Quadrial
TRILUX Quadrial

With the Quadrial, TRILUX presents a luminaire featuring a completely new fundamental concept. A modular system allows an exact matching of the luminaire to its specific application. The basic variation of the Quadrial is a square arrangement of four recessed luminaires with a choice of either UXP-S louvre or translucent or prismatic diffuser. This external optical enclosure achieves efficient all-purpose lighting. The module it encloses is optionally specified according to application area. A spot outlet for track elements, spotlight elements or an LED module are available. According to the design of the central module, the Quadrial is optimal for prestigious office zones, business and exhibition spaces, entrance areas and airports. The integration of other modules such as loudspeakers or air outlets is planned for the future.


  • Winner of the RedDot Award 2008
  • Module 600/625, recessed depth: 92 mm
  • Modular element for various lamping options
  • Ceiling systems with concealed or visible rails or for ceiling cut-outs
  • Optical and functional variety within one luminaire family
  • Simple relamping
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