Product • 16.07.2012

The “classic” now also available with LED technology

BÄRO extends the Intara RD 165 recessed luminaire family

A new addition to a classic: the most successful BÄRO recessed luminaire family – the Intara RD 165 – is now available with innovative LED technology. This means that architects, light planners and users can combine three lighting technologies with one another without having to change the luminaire family.

The LED variants of the round Intara RD 165 are fitted with the latest LED arrays and state-of-the-art driver technology and are actively fan-cooled. This ensures optimum operating conditions for the light sources used and guarantees a long service life and brilliant quality of light. The new LED luminaires are available in four light colours (2,500, 2,700, 3,000 and 4,000 Kelvin) and achieve constant luminous fluxes of up to 3,050 lumen with system power of 46 watts.

Innovative reflector technology for every application

The Intara RD 165 is available with three BÄRO-developed MIRO reflectors for different emission characteristics, providing maximum flexibility for product lighting and a lighting effect that matches the lighting concept. The OvalBasic reflector enables an oval light distribution pattern to be generated. In addition, two flood reflectors with a beam angle of 30° or 45° are available.

The luminaires are infinitely adjustable up to 25°, enabling precise alignment. With their small cut-out of just 165 mm, the luminaires fit any ceiling. The broad fitting ring ensures professional and neat fitting, even under difficult installation conditions. The Intara RD 165 is available in strato silver, black and white, in all RAL colours on request as well as in anodised silver and gold.

Classic models continue to be available

Intara RD 165 continues to be available with powerful MBFL (high-pressure sodium vapour) and BBS lamps (metal halide) up to 150 watts as well as with OvalBasic, OvalBeam and Spot reflectors.



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