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The Arcos spotlight range

Functional design – maximum lighting convenience

The Arcos spotlight boasts impressive form and functionality. A wide choice of...
The Arcos spotlight boasts impressive form and functionality. A wide choice of spotlight sizes with various light sources and a comprehensive range of accessories facilitate individually customised lighting solutions.

Zumtobel’s new Arcos spotlight and wallwasher system provides architects and designers with a complete range of spotlights fitted with various optics which can be used anywhere in the world to light museums, art galleries, exhibition areas and shops perfectly.

The new Arcos luminaire range once again underscores Zumtobel’s lighting technology expertise in the area of functional lighting for museums and art galleries. The spotlights’ compact dimensions and straight-line design are in harmony with their perfect proportions which is the result of Zumtobel’s cooperation with the renowned David Chipperfield architecture firm. This cooperation made it possible to design a spotlight range which concentrates on essentials – optimum lighting convenience for applications in museums, art galleries, shops and exhibition areas.

As a special design feature, the lamp housing and control gear have been deliberately combined to form one unit. Thus, particularly favourable thermal conditions are achieved (“cool touch” function) which makes the spotlights safe to touch even when they are switched on, and also prolongs the light source’s service life. The spotlight’s construction ensures that it produces no stray light.

The spotlight is available in four different sizes, including a wallwasher version. Separation of the light source, reflector and accessory holder makes relamping and replacing reflectors or accessories easier, for which usually no tools are required. The spotlights and wallwashers have one thing in common – extremely high lighting quality. The lighting cones they produce are particularly uniform; they show no streaks but a clean, softly fading edge, without any distracting glare. The range of available lenses, filters and anti-glare options is unique in the European market and allows adaptation to cater for any lighting situation. The spotlights are available with various low-voltage and high-voltage halogen lamps and high-pressure discharge lamps. Naturally, the spotlights also support DALI control. Their digitally addressable control gear enables individual lighting concepts which can be modified even after installation – using the Luxmate Emotion lighting management system for example.

The pivot point is recessed in the lamp housing. The rotatable and lockable accessory holder is built into the front cylinder. There is a navigation disk at the rear of the spotlight which is used to accommodate important add-on functions such as lockability, focusability and dimmability.

The spotlights and wallwashers are made of die-cast aluminium and are available in anthracite and white.

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