Product • 21.04.2008

Slotlight II light line impresses with even greater brilliance and variety of application

Anything is possible

The new Slotlight II is set to launch, complete with various product enhancements and improvements. Slotlight II with IP 54 protection can now be used to implement lighting solutions in sheltered outdoor areas, too. A single luminaire design can now be used, for instance, in roofed entrance areas and interiors, thereby visually linking them.

Instead of displaying a luminaire unit, the Slotlight II light line focuses on providing an outstanding lighting effect inspired by the developer’s “light without a luminaire” design brief. Tetris technology, a separate white-painted sheet steel reflector and the overlapping arrangement of the T16 fluorescent lamps ensure pleasant light distribution without any dark shadows, even when luminaires are connected in line end-to-end. Slotlight II offers a wealth of design options: recessed into the wall or ceiling, surface-mounted or suspended, as an individual luminaire or a continuous ribbon of light – Slotlight II encourages infinite imaginative creativity.

Slotlight II is also ideal for use in offices. Fitted with a Luminance Reducing Optic (LRO), Slotlight II produces perfect lighting conditions without annoying reflections on screens and can even be used above office workstations. Light lines can be arranged freely anywhere in the room, regardless of the position of the workstation.

Illuminated L-connectors are another new feature, offering architects and designers fresh creative scope. Room geometries can be made clear more effectively, room zones can be redefined and corner areas can be brought into sharper focus by using light. The 90° angle modules are not merely connecting elements, but blend in as an integral part of the luminaire.

The Slotlight II version with integrated innovative LED technology produces fantastically intense colours, which can be changed at the push of a button. This makes it possible to create coloured light lines and, using the Luxmate Emotion lighting management system, implement harmonious colour transitions in an extremely attractive and energy-efficient manner.

Slotlight II also scores highly when it comes to ease of installation. Levelling has been made significantly simpler, and this allows straightforward installation in plasterboard ceilings and clean edges.

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