Product • 03.06.2008

Pendant luminaire FLOHRA PE

Design: Prof. Gerd Flohr

Pendant luminaire FLOHRA PE
Pendant luminaire FLOHRA PE

Displaying an autonomous and functional use of forms FLOHRA PE stands out by its reduction to the essentials. Spacial aluminium elements join in a perfect sybiosis with the crystal glass shade. The semi-transparent shade with its dicroitic coating offers a direct view towards the halogen lamp without dazzling the eye.

The basic aluminium hull, powder coated in anthracite (micaceous iron ore DB703) with its heat conducting effect hold the adjustable wire cables serving as constructive links between glass shade and lamp. The transformer is integrated in the ceiling canopy, also powder coated in DB 703.

FLOHRA PE gains its formal autonomy from a geometrically restraint shaping. Owing to this quality and combined with a natural emotional aura FLOHRA PE comes up to high level standards and will unobtrusively adapt to modern as well as traditional architecture.

FLOHRA has been designed for 1QT35W or 1QT50W low voltage halogen lamps.

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