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Let it shine!

Lighting trends at EuroShop 2020

Whether on the floor, on shelves or on the ceiling - light can make a big difference in retail. How to set the right scene for goods, address customers and control the lighting in a smart and energy-efficient way? We looked for the answers at EuroShop 2020. 

LED accent lighting with recognition value - LED Flex Strips by MBN GmbH - PROLED

Good stores differ from the others and have recognition value. The company MBN GmbH - PROLED offers a wide range of LED Flex Strips and presents them at the EuroShop 2020. The six colour temperatures illuminate the room in either warm or cold colours. The range also includes multicoloured strips for interesting accents.

A booth and the illuminated lettering Make the difference....
Source: beta-web/Klein

Win-win for manufacturers and retailers: Changelights by Changelights Zolltrade Ines Zoll

Changelights by Changelights Zolltrade Ines Zoll are advertising systems that can be used directly at the point of sale (POS). As a floor lamp or hanging ceiling lamp - the brand message is placed in the room where it attracts attention. They offer customers orientation and encourage them to buy the product.

Light strips in different colours
Source: beta-web/Klein

Timeless light structures: technical light textiles from ETTLIN

Well-known architects, lighting and store designers recommend the energy-saving technical textiles for three-dimensional lighting effects from ETTLIN. Three textiles are available, each unique in its material properties - whether with a pleasant feel, a particularly intensive light effect or for use on glass or acrylic. They are available in white & black, silver and silver & black.

A man and a woman at a booth
Source: beta-web/klein

Intelligent, modern, sustainable: SICO Sign Control by HUBER Reklametechnik GmbH

The internationally active group of companies HUBER Reklametechnik GmbH is represented at the EuroShop 2020 and presents its innovative digital signage solution - SICO Sign Control. By means of an intelligent control the light of the advertising signs can be kept constant at an optimal value depending on the ambient light. Thus contents can be presented not only energy-saving but also modern and up-to-date.

A booth with two boards
Source: beta-web/Klein

Food in a different way: lighting solutions from BÄRO GmbH & Co. KG

At the stand of theBÄRO GmbH & Co. KG, visitors will experience lighting solutions in various forms and applications. A particular highlight: The company showcases fruit in a smart and unique way.

Fruit hanging from the roof creating shadows
Source: beta-web/Klein

Lighting control rethought: Dynalite controls from Signify Netherlands BV

Light in a room needs to be controlled to create optimum room lighting. With its Dynalite controls, Signify Netherlands BV has developed an innovation that makes it easy to plan and activate various lighting control functions. The control elements include a wide range of control panels, touch screens and connection devices. Thanks to the variety of styles, they can be individually adapted to the room.

A presentation of fruit and vegetables
Source: beta-web/Klein

Vivid posters: dynamic Lightbox by Licht-Konzept & Form Lichttechnische AG

The dynamic Lightbox by Licht-Konzept & Form Lichttechnische AG turns the simple advertising poster into an eye-catcher for customers and visitors. The smart individually controlled backlighting consists of programmable RGB LED panels and can be used for any wall size. Whether at trade fairs, in showrooms, shops, shop windows or in the outdoor area - the dynamic light boxes make parts of a motif or entire motifs on posters come to life and appear in detail.

A woman on a lighted wall
Source: beta-web/Klein

Fascination for the senses: OCTAlumina - Illuminated frames by OCTANORM-Vertriebs-GmbH

OCTAlumina illuminated frames give companies a luminous finishing touch with an aesthetic factor at presentations such as trade fairs, events, POS or exhibitions. The components of the lighting system are made of stable and durable aluminium, LEDs enable optimum lighting with low power consumption - an optical fascination for senses that is also energy-saving.

A stand with illuminated advertising
Source: beta-web/Klein
Author: Diana Heiduk

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