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Lighting the way to Savings Promolux: Better Light, Better Value

A high-tech retail lighting company is providing bakeries and artisan shops world-wide a golden opportunity to highlight their bakery items and extend shelf life. The site has been given a new look and design as it highlights the benefits of proper case lighting for independent bakery shops.

Promolux bakery case lighting offers bakers and confectionary houses a cost-effective advantage of presenting true and vibrant colors while maintaining product freshness and flavors.

Fancy Cakes and Desserts Deserve To Be Highlighted
Presentation and product shelf life is vital for many independent bakeries, especially when they put so much time and effort into their tasteful creations. Many cakes and pastries are of an intricate nature and are created using colorful icings, cream and fruit fillings as well as chocolate and fondant.

In bakery displays exposure from general-purpose lamps causes icings to fade and discolor, as well as sapping moisture and developing off-flavors in cream. Promolux lamps are specifically formulated to protect heat and light sensitive foods while providing superior color rendering.

Most bakers admit their lighting is too warm causing cakes and chocolates to change in appearance and taste. In today’s business world, shoppers are looking for vibrant displays with tantalizing food items that not only look great but are amazing to eat as well.

The redesigned bakery site showcases the many advantages of using Promolux lights including improved product integrity and greater shopper appeal. Many bakery shops have reported that Promolux extended shelf life by up to 50 per which saved them quite a bit of money and product.

A Color Formula Like No Other
Promolux offers two color formulas for the showcasing bakery items. For colorful and vibrant products, Promolux Platinum series provides the perfect balance of color and contrast for each and every shade of the products natural color. For artisan and local bread shops, Promolux Gold formula provides warm and golden hues for freshly baked breads, donuts and pastries.

Today, consumers are demanding premium quality freshness, and if they don’t find it in your baked goods display cases, they’ll not purchase. Upgrading your lighting display cases to our Promolux specialty lamps will save you money by extending shelf life and luring customers to your displays.

To learn more about the power of using Promolux lights in distinguishing your bakery and your products be sure to visit the redesigned site or contact Promolux Lighting International directly toll free at 1-800-519-1222.


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