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Lighting concept - For more individuality and extraordinary appearance

New design of the optical store Panis Eyewear with BARO

Optics store from the inside
Source: BÄRO

An optician that is as unconventional as Panis Eyewear attracts attention – especially when it's located in a small town in the Dutch province of Noord-Brabant.

The new interior design boasts a professional lighting concept that showcases and enhances the striking and welcoming ambience.

The optician in the town of Oisterwijk occupies the ground floor of a traditional gabled house in the town's main shopping street "De Lind". Customers appreciate the trendy and individual range of eyewear in Ruud Panis' long-established store – and now the interior has been redesigned to match it. The interior design office King Kongs from Eindhoven planned the new interior design – a young team who have made a name for themselves with bold interiors for retail premises and restaurants.

The appeal of this retail interior derives not least from the contrast between the flamboyancy of the furnishings and the functional light planning with a focus on the lighting effect rather than on decorative luminaires – realised with BÄRO as the lighting partner. A small number of minimalist luminaires that are carefully positioned and aligned serve to showcase the opulent spatial concept and help to structure it. Luminaires were custom-made in the BÄRO individual programme to meet the designers' special requirements.

A balance of minimalism and opulence

The interior designers wanted to give the premises a welcoming ambience that is more reminiscent of a hotel lounge than a conventional optician and they were largely given free rein by the client here. The new interior boasts a surprising, eclectic mix of styles and materials: bold, and yet warm and friendly. Upholstered furniture in dusky pink and prussian blue walls bring to mind the colourfulness of Flemish painting. The pillars in the middle of the room featuring brilliant golden tiles add a contemporary accent. However, the real eye-catcher in the interior is the remarkably realistic rock face concrete wall on the right side of the store. The lighting plays an important role in this stimulating environment as it not only highlights the quality of the materials and surfaces, but also structures the room and directs the gaze.

Optics store from the inside
Source: BÄRO

Ontero IC spotlights from BÄRO perform this task. With their spot reflectors they add precise lighting accents to the shelves and cases displaying the eyewear. The design, which was chosen as a "winner" at the German Design Award 2020, adds a distinctive and functional touch to the interior. BÄRO individual additionally supplied custom-made Ontero IC spotlights with a longer arm to underscore the dynamism of the store design with staggered mounting heights.

The light makes colours look rich and natural

Flush-mounted tracks blend into the uncluttered ceiling as precise lines, while Intara CX recessed luminaires, also mounted flush with the ceiling, create islands of light for the consultation areas. The use of different light colours such as the warm standard light colour 927 (2700k) and the colour-intensifying special light colours PearlWhite and BeColor helps to structure the approx. 140 m² sales area into different zones. The light sources' consistently high colour rendering index of CRI >90 ensures that the colours and surfaces of the interior and also the colourful assortment of eyewear are perceived naturally and with all their nuances. See well, look good: rarely has this much quoted motto of the optician's trade applied in such a broad sense as at Panis Eyewear in Oisterwijk.

Source: BÄRO

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