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Light expanding spatial limits

Sconfine luminaire range by Matteo Thun

The Sconfine Sfera pendant luminaires cannot fail to impress with their...
The Sconfine Sfera pendant luminaires cannot fail to impress with their brilliant lighting effect. The partly chrome-covered luminaire bodies seem to float gracefully in the room.

With the new Sconfine luminaire range, developed in collaboration with the famous designer Matteo Thun, Zumtobel is presenting a series of wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted and pendant luminaires that, thanks to the lighting they produce, simulate an expansion of spatial limits, creating an effect of depth. Light provided by Sconfine luminaires allows to playfully expand spatial dimensions, enabling to extend a room’s spatial limits, giving visitors the impression of a different room geometry. Visual depth is created by this interplay of light, freeing the room from its metric dimensions. In this way, the lighting can dissolve spatial boundaries and create completely new spatial effects.

Matteo Thun regarding the design process: "Light lines, light spheres, light cubes - objects clearly defined in terms of geometry, which can be used flexibly according to the principle of modularity. This ensures that every time new lighting units and lighting installations originate, matched to the respective room situation. Carefully composed and accurately defined details create an interplay of brightness, shadow and colours - dynamic tools for interiors addressing people’s emotions."

The luminaire range includes ceiling-mounted, wall-mounted and pendant luminaires. Chrome in various forms is part of the luminaire design, establishing the creative link throughout the range.

Sconfine Linea pendant luminaires cannot fail to impress with their elegant design. Reduced to the lighting effect it produces, the luminaire unit appears almost immaterial. The luminaire ends are covered by chrome cases. Three design lengths, and pendant lengths of more than four metres allow for a wealth of applications, also in rooms with high ceilings such as staircases, foyers and halls. The luminaires can be installed vertically or horizontally. Special components enable to create luminaire arrangements whose apparently floating light lines seem to visually extend the room and dissolve its spatial geometry.

Sconfine Cubo is a wall- and ceiling-mounted luminaire incorporating LED technology, which comes into its own both as an individual luminaire and a luminaire cluster. It creates a dynamic combination of light and colour. The individual luminaire fitted with a 1 W LED is invisibly accommodated in the chrome-plated housing with built-in control gear. A cube-shaped translucent reflector made of polycarbonate with diffuser-pearl optic in frosted white ensures the desired uniform illumination of the luminaire unit.

Sconfine Cubo is also available as a module comprising nine cubes in white, amber, red, blue and green light colours. Overlapping coloured light projections produce new colour mixes, with the spectrum changing continuously. Generated at random, actuation of the individual lighting modules in a dimming range between 5 - 100 % ensures a dynamic crescendo and fading of the overall lighting. This creates an effect of room depth. The individual cubes have different heights (70 mm, 100 mm, 130 mm), dissolving the luminaire’s geometry.

With the multiple arrangement of cluster luminaires, each including nine individual modules, the Sconfine Cubo series uses its creative scope to optimum effect. Its smooth colour changes provide a unique metamorphosis of the interior design, creating a pleasant lighting atmosphere in bars, restaurants, lobbies and lounges.

Sconfine Sfera spherical pendant luminaires provide an impressive lighting effect due to their partly transparent luminaire unit with chrome coating. Besides directly emitted light, light is reflected inside the luminaire unit, making it seem to float. The lamps or the LED module is visibly located in the spherical luminaire unit. An opal inner sphere ensures optimum glare control while - in conjunction with the chrome coating - enhancing the impression of plasticity and room depth.

Sconfine Sfera is available with various different light sources, from energy-saving lamps through to advanced LED technology. This makes it ideal for many different applications, allowing to optimally adjust it to its respective use.

Sconfine Sfera with the high-performance LEXEL LED module combines all the familiar benefits of Zumtobel’s Tempura LED spotlights and downlights with a striking design.
The benefits of LED technology include a long service life, gentle IR/UV-free light, a colour temperature individually adjustable between 2500 K and 6500 K, and dimming between 10 and 100% via easy-to-use soft pushbuttons.

A room’s ambience can be significantly affected by changing the colour temperature and by dimming, which provides major benefits for shop applications in showcases or counter areas as well as in restaurants or bars, where warm tones can simulate the setting sun, or in the same environment where a cooler colour temperature is chosen at high temperatures in summer.

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