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gin.o and gin.a - Hoffmeister brings perfect light to presentation spaces

A unique, Hoffmeister-typical Design characterizes the new spotlight series...
A unique, Hoffmeister-typical Design characterizes the new spotlight series gin.a. Narrow beam spotlights of 8° und 15° and wide beam versions of 25° and 40° create a pure white and particularly homogeneous light. For this result Hoffmeister developed an innovative reflector technology. Photo: Hoffmeister

Even the names of the new spotlight series from Hoffmeister set a counterpoint to the severe cubic and cylindrical luminaire designs that have dominated the market for presentation lighting to date. With the unique use of shapes and virtually unrivalled depth of the product range, the gin.o and gin.a dream team is shining new light on the variable, high-output and cost-efficient spotlight segment.

Packing a real surprise with the highest levels of light quality and especially small dimensions, the new gin.o and gin.a variable spotlight series (design: Ottenwälder+Ottenwälder) can be used with economical discharge lamps, energy-saving low voltage halogen lamps or LED technology. Hoffmeister has achieved a pure white and particularly homogeneous light by developing innovative reflector technology which uses multilevel light concentration to prevent visible colour separation. An also newly developed antiglare system prevents scattered light while ensuring the best possible luminous efficiency.

Available in two sizes, the spotlight series includes narrow beam spotlights of 8° und 15° and wide beam versions of 25° and 40°, each with homogenous light beams. A lens wallwasher is available for even illumination of vertical surfaces. Colour screens as well as UV/IR, dichroic and colour effect filters, along with other matching accessories, open up a wide spectrum of possible applications. With a product range of such depth, gin.o and gin.a are an indispensable solution for all kinds of lighting challenges requiring uniform structure and design. They offer planners the greatest possible freedom to meet the lighting needs of museums, exhibitions and stores.

gin.a: Fascinating harmony of shapes

Besides this variability and perfect light quality, another highlight is the minimalist, functional and yet still flattering design and notably feminine look of the gin.a luminaires. The contour of the small reflector housing is inspired by the harmonic funicular shape of the catenary curve. A fascinating harmony of shapes results in combination with the amorphous form of the articulated arm, which gives the luminaires an elegant effect at every angle. With the significant design typical to Hoffmeister, this innovative specialist in architectural lighting is updating the design approach used in its earlier successful spotlight series.

gin.o: Pristine restraint

The other member of the team, gin.o, while pristinely radiant, is also more restrained with a somewhat masculine look. The slightly conical reflector housing combines with a functional, asymmetrical articulated arm extending outwards from the horizontal rotary element. With its masterful simplicity, gin.o represents a classical minimalist solution in luminaire design.

Both spotlight series can be operated with integrated electronic equipment on Hoffmeister 3-circuit tracks using an adapter. However, a newly developed adapter socket with flat ceiling plate also facilitates clean direct mounting of a half-recessed version to recessed ceiling systems.

With the exceptionally high levels of reflector and light quality, the major cost-effectiveness of powerful discharge lamps, energy-saving low-voltage halogen lamps and LEDs, the inspired design and the ability to be turned 360° and pivoted 90°, there’s every likelihood of gin.o and gin.a becoming a lighting dream team in museums and other exhibition spaces.

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