Company News • 02.12.2011

Gant Store, Westfield Stratford City Centre, London Effective LED lighting for the lifestyle trademark

In Europe’s biggest shopping centre, Ansorg has implemented an effective lighting concept for the fashion brand Gant, in which LED equipment came into play throughout the whole area. Already from the outside, the premium character of the new Gant Stores becomes apparent.

The lifestyle brand with an American heritage is presented as high-quality, lively and sporty and elegant. The store in the London Westfield Stratford City Centre is characterized by an architecturally and colour-wise sub-divided spatial design which sets the stage for the range and the particular character of the brand in a manner full of variety. Just as varied are the demands made on Ansorg’s lighting concept. On the one hand, the lighting makes allowance for the striking and stylish spatial concept with different ceiling heights and colour realms, on the other hand, the range of products is moved into the foreground effectively and rich in contrast.

Gant decided in favour of the across-the-board use of gimbal-mounted LED spotlights of the modular recessed luminaire system Lightstripe which is equipped with highperformance 2000 lumen modules. Dispensing with the ambient lighting and the special beam characteristics of the LED lamps at the same ensure a room ambiance rich in contrast.

The sales room is broken down into four zones with different ceiling heights. In the first and highest area treble LED luminaire modules illuminate the wall shelves and the merchandise display in the middle of the room. Narrow-beam spot reflectors of the two outer luminaire modules here place
special accents. In the other room sections a constant luminous flux accompanies the decreasing ceiling height.

These areas are marked as being clearly brighter; the room thus visually creates the impression of being higher. A luminaire module with a medium-flood reflector emphasises the product tables placed in the centre of the sales room. Homogeneously wide-beam flood reflectors illuminate the
wall shelves, a narrow beam reflector emphasises the goods range. In the rear room sections the artificial lighting corresponds to daylight that falls in through the large glass roof front. Along the peripheral zones single luminaire modules are evenly used here. In the changing rooms glarefree LED downlight modules ensure a pleasant lighting atmosphere.

In order to markedly set off the shop window decoration against the interior side room with regard to the lighting level Ansorg at this point uses gimbal-mounted recessed luminaires with HIT equipment.

The different wattages of the luminaires over and before the dummies make for a tensionfilled
lighting effect. All in all Ansorg’s sensuous lighting solution underlines the special shopping  experience that the customers can expect in the world of the premium and lifestyle brand Gant.

Project box:
Customer: Gant AB, Nacka Strand
Project: Gant Store, Westfield Stratford
City Centre, London
Sales area: 160 m²
Opening: September 2011
Lighting design: Ansorg GmbH, Mülheim
Luminaires: Lightstripe, Cardo

Logo: Ansorg GmbH

Ansorg GmbH

Pilgerstrasse 11
45473 Mülheim an der Ruhr

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