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EHI study reveals huge energy saving potential for lighting – lighting concepts from BÄRO reduce costs

Die Econdo Batwing von Bäro.
Die Econdo Batwing von Bäro.

Retailers still have plenty of energy saving potential, especially in the area of lighting technology - this is the conclusion reached in the latest study by the "EHI Retail Institute"*. The study shows that constantly rising energy costs now put pressure on lots of dealers in two ways: on the one hand their customers are faced with higher energy prices themselves, reducing their purchasing power. On the other hand retailers' fixed costs continue to rise due to higher electricity bills.

Investment in new lighting technology pays off quickly

Against this background and with energy costs predicted to rise even further, according to the EHI study 75% of retailers in the non-food sector and around 46% of retailers surveyed in the food sector plan to invest in new lighting technology in the next 2-3 years. Christoph Ester, Sales Manager at lighting specialist BÄRO, confirms that this is a sensible approach "Our retail experience has shown that a new lighting concept can reduce the operating costs for a lighting system by up to 60%. In large salesrooms this can lead to savings of several thousand euros per year. The investment pays off from day one and is usually amortised in a relatively short space of time. This is because whilst energy costs fall, sales increase thanks to sales-promoting product lighting."

BÄRO lighting technology reduces lighting costs on a sustainable basis

BÄRO focuses on innovative lighting technology that guarantees perfect product presentation with relatively low energy consumption and promotes sales of both food and non-food products for retailers. For example, the patented Batwing luminaire reflector which enables luminaire spacings of up to 4m for the illumination of tiered displays or product tables. Standard luminaires are usually spaced at around 80 cm to 1 m. For demanding lighting tasks such as illuminating products from a high ceiling height, the new BÄRO MaxBeam reflector is the ideal solution. Here, too, a small number of luminaires achieve a perfect lighting effect. In the final analysis this means lower purchase, operating and maintenance costs. And products are also protected - thanks to well-proven BÄRO lighting technology.

The basis: customised light planning

When upgrading a lighting system it is essential to choose a lighting concept that is optimised for the salesroom in question. From an appraisal with an analysis of the location to customised light planning, installation and maintenance – BÄRO offers all services from a single source. Christoph Ester says "For our customers our full-service concept means that they have a single contact for all questions relating to lighting and this saves them lots of time, money and nerves. It also means that they have their lighting costs perfectly under control. This is a clear advantage for both branch operations and independent retailers."


* Study by the "EHI Retail Institute" on "Energy management in the retail trade" (December 2008)
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