Product • 28.04.2008

CL Series: A Symbiosis of Design and Technology

To render architecture visible and perceptible at night was the point of origin for the development of the CL series. It consists of spotlights, wall and ceiling surface-mounted luminaires, a linear system and bollard luminaires to form a complete package that meets the whole spectrum of needs for optimal facade and orientation lighting.

Light for Seeing, Looking At and Looking Upon.
During daytime, the CL luminaires present themselves only in form and materiality, blending unobtrusively within their architectural surroundings. During the hours of darkness they fulfil their lighting tasks in building vicinity areas. With state-of-the-art technology and perfectly matched optical accessories, they create a flowing, harmonious transition between inside and outside.

Simplicity and Efficiency
Unity and continuity coupled with the highest level of flexibility – that is the concept of the CL luminaire family. All luminaires speak the same design language: concise, timeless elegance is displayed with harmonious proportions, forms reduced to their essentials. The high quality design and solid construction is characterised by flush surfaces and perfect joints. This was attested by the 'International Forum Design' who awarded the CL series the iF product design award. "This year authentic products really have the advantage. Not fusion, not retro, no 'doing as if': only those who have recognised the simplicity and sobriety of products can be successful in the long run and characterise the new modern," according to the reasoning of the jury.

Lighting Tools for Every Application
Whether for wall, ceiling or ground applications – the CL series offers the optimal lighting tools for all building vicinity tasks. The surface-mounted wall luminaires and linear systems of the CL series sets walls and architectural details convincingly in scene and define peripheral surfaces. During the hours of night the spotlights and ceiling surface-mounted luminaires of the CL series create an interplay of light and shadows. They lend bodies volume, surfaces character and determines the spacial relationship of objects. The CL bollard luminaires structure, orient and lend space a sense of depth. At night they flank and delineate paths and routes, assuring orientation and security.

Unity and Diversity
One appearance, four construction heights: the CL bollards offer various lighting technologies for individual applications. With the use of the Siteco HLS (High Louvre System), a directional and glare-reduced light distribution is achieved; the Siteco HPE System (High Prismatic Effect) enables luminaire spacing of up to five metres due to its extremely wide beam light distribution.

The CL spotlight can be deployed as a ground, wall and ceiling spotlight, and is rotatable through 180 degrees and tiltable through 90 degrees. It is optionally available with state-of-the-art LED lighting technology that creates a clearly limited, narrow beam light distribution, making the way for a host of new design possibilities.

The linear system achieves three different light distribution patterns via the combination of an aluminium reflector and PMMA enclosure with Fresnel optics. Universal accessory discs for wall and ceiling surface-mounted luminaires as well as spotlights are available for a wide variety of lighting effects.

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