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Brilliance in a perfect design

Ecoos direct/indirect luminaire ensures outstanding efficiency

The new Ecoos individual luminaire, which emits light in all directions, is yet another masterpiece created by Zumtobel. The perforated lateral reflector allows light to be emitted laterally from the luminaire, reducing luminance to beneficial levels. The luminaire sides are therefore part of the direct/indirect lighting effect, increasing visual comfort. Excellent light output ratios and a large direct component make Ecoos one of the most efficient indirect/direct luminaires available on the market. The Ecoos individual luminaire is available as a surface-mounted or suspended version and can also be used as a continuous-row system.

Ecoos stands out on account of its consistent straight-line design. Yet its rounded corners give the luminaire soft contours, which blend easily into any interior design. The textured surfaces of the luminaire unit give it a clear, straight look and are attractively finished off by shiny chrome end caps.

Its outstanding and also efficient lighting technology makes the Ecoos individual luminaire particularly suitable for use in office buildings and educational establishments. Ecoos provides a mix of direct, indirect and lateral light components, enabling efficient illumination of workstations. The T16 fluorescent lamps fitted provide high luminous efficiency levels and pleasant light colours in the direct light component. This is beneficially counterbalanced by the luminaire’s diffuser optic, which ensures uniform, indirect illumination of the ceiling and room. Tried-and-tested MPO+ technology makes Ecoos even more flexible, as it reduces any glare produced by the light source, allowing to install the luminaire also directly above the workstation. The innovative spirit embodied in Ecoos shows in the perforated lateral reflector fitted: perforated aluminium reflectors on both sides reduce luminance to beneficial moderate levels. They emit light gently into the room, making Ecoos a designer item providing 360 degree light.

As an individual luminaire, Ecoos is suitable for both surface mounting and attachment using cord suspension. In both versions, fine adjustment is made easier by a handy suspension device which compensates tolerances. Connectors are provided for installation as a continuous-row system, which join the luminaires together securely by their front sides. The shape and colour of the connectors become part of the luminaire and preserve a visually consistent appearance. Pendant suspension points are located directly above the joint and therefore smooth out the uncluttered look of the Ecoos continuous-row system. Moreover, Ecoos is compatible with DALI and can be combined with energy-efficient lighting management systems. With its sealed construction, the Ecoos luminaire is resistant to soiling and therefore designed to allow longer maintenance cycles.

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