Product • 19.08.2009

BÄRO MaxBeam – The new special reflector for sales-promoting product lighting from a great height

From wholesale stores to supermarkets and shopping malls - lighting which promotes sales and is also energy-efficient is particularly difficult to realise when shelves, aisles or long sales counters need to be illuminated from a great ceiling height.

BÄRO's new MaxBeam special reflector is a perfect solution for this challenging lighting task. The patented fixture reflector enables long presentation areas such as shelves, high racks, aisles, fruit displays and long sales counters to be powerfully and attractively illuminated from a great ceiling height coupled with maximum energy efficiency. BÄRO sales manager Christoph Ester says "Until now suspended fixtures or conductor rails were usually the only options for achieving optimum illuminance on the products and in the aisles from ceiling heights of more than 5m. Our new MaxBeam reflector now enables recessed fixtures or surface-mounted fixtures to be used for high ceilings - with perfect, sales-promoting light on the products."

Investment, energy and maintenance savings

For example, with a ceiling height of 6m the MaxBeam reflector integrated in a recessed fixture with 150W BÄRO Light Star (BLS) technology enables fixture spacings of up to 3.3m to be realised for the illumination of a long sales counter. Distances between fixtures of around just 1.25m are usual for "suspended" lighting solutions. The extremely large fixture spacings mean that despite very high ceilings far fewer fixtures are needed in total, even though the light output is at least as good and often better! For larger sales areas in wholesale and retail stores in particular, the use of the MaxBeam reflector means a clear and lasting reduction of investment, energy and maintenance costs.

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