Personell Announcements • 23.11.2015

Absen Europe appoints Hans Christian Stucken as Senior Marketing Executive

Absen Europe appoints Hans Christian Stucken as Senior Marketing Executive...
Source: Absen GmbH

Absen Optoelectronics has appointed Hans Christian Stucken as Senior Marketing Executive for its European operation.

Based at Absen’s European headquarters in Rüsselsheim, Germany, Stucken has assumed the lead role in the European Marketing Department, responsible for all of Absen GmbH’s marketing activities in the European region, as well as the delivery of the marketing strategy and co-ordination of other marketing goals globally.

Commenting on his new role in Rüsselsheim, a stone’s throw from neighbouring Frankfurt am Main, Stucken commented: “I am excited to have joined Absen at this crucial point in time of the company’s European development.” He continued: “As I’m truly passionate about technology, it's impossible for me to work for a company unless I actually believe in the quality of their products and service. Absen is no exception to that.”

A highly respected and well-known figure within the industry, Stucken previously held the Marketing & Communications Director position for Coolux and Pandoras Box, where he worked since 2009 before joining Absen.

In congratulating Stucken on his new role, Absen Europe Managing Director Ruben Rengel commented: “We are extremely pleased to welcome Hans to the Absen family.” He continued: “Hans has a wealth of experience in marketing for respected pro-AV brands and is passionate about technology, making him an ideal fit for the position at Absen. His expertise and creativity in these areas is sure to contribute to Absen’s increasing foothold within the highly competitive European market, where customers are seeing the benefit of our high quality LED panels and exceptional servicing.”

Hans graduated from Bournemouth University’s acclaimed Media School with a BA in Television & Video Production - where he also gained an MA in Radio Production - before returning to his native Germany to embark on a career in the German television industry. It was here where he developed an affinity for cutting edge technology and New Media developments.

Having already hit the ground running, Stucken’s aims are clear and concise: “My main ambition is to create a brand identity that clearly communicates Absen’s proven product quality and cost effectiveness whilst also underlining our European commitment.” He continued: “Absen has already made great progress in changing an old perception towards Chinese LED manufacturers thanks to high quality / high performance products, and the feedback from the industry towards Absen’s fantastic after sales support and service has been very positive so far.

“The Absen team's openness towards new ideas and the willingness to achieve stellar work are possibly the key factors that made me decide to join the company. To know that a company wants to really make an impact in a new geographical location and also wants to invest in people and infrastructure is a wonderful foundation for future activities.”

Stucken concluded: “I am being given a great amount of freedom to implement the changes I deem necessary to take Absen to the next level, and I am looking forward to serving as an integral part of this company’s growth. It's going to be an amazing ride in the next couple of years!”

Source: Absen GmbH

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