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Thumbnail-Photo: What shopdesign can look like: Harrods in London...

Photo gallery • 01.08.2018

What shopdesign can look like: Harrods in London

Tradition, luxury, and elegance paired with an experience for all five senses

The world-famous Harrods department store in London is pulling out all the stops for its renovations and features precious materials and custom-designed shopfittings. Harrods’ fully re-designed "Fine Wines & Spirits" and ...

Thumbnail-Photo: An easy way to reduce business operating costs...

Interview • 03.05.2018

An easy way to reduce business operating costs

Climate protection is more than an environmental issue

Interview with Lars Reimann, Head of the Environment and Energy Department at HDE (German Retail Federation) Practical, informative and effective: The recently launched “Retail Climate Action Campaign” (“Klimaschutzoffensive des ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Freshly baked light

Company News • 13.12.2017

Freshly baked light

Ledxon upgraded lighting in the branch of the private bakery Wimmer in Emmering, Germany

In order to better showcase the goods and attract even more potential buyers to the store, the branch in Emmering should get a new lighting. Bakery owner Max Wimmer was particularly interested in a harmonious overall concept. First, he wanted a ...

Thumbnail-Photo: The diversity of light

Smart and flexible • 13.11.2017

The diversity of light

Options for retail lighting

Design element, sign, and promotional tool: retail store lighting is as versatile as never before; Thanks to LEDs! Smart controls and integration of other components make it easier than ever for retailers to use light flexibly and create ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Biologically effective lighting in retail

Not as abstract as one might think • 13.11.2017

Biologically effective lighting in retail

Human-centric lighting benefits employees

Over the past ten years, energy efficiency thanks to LED technology has shaped both the lighting market and the retail sector. Lighting became more efficient, smarter and comparable in price with today’s halogen and similar lighting options. ...

Thumbnail-Photo: The first International Trends in Lighting Forum & Show...

News • 01.06.2017

The first International Trends in Lighting Forum & Show

Trends in Lighting (TiL 2017) will take place on the 26-28 September 2017 in Bregenz, Austria. It is dedicated to Smart Lighting & IoT.

“The space, the geometry, the light of an architecture in great proportions must remain the core aim, while engineering aims for zero carbon, ultra-green architecture. But this balance between the poetry of architecture and its green ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Editions de Parfums: Like a voyage into a parallel world...

Breathtaking • 01.06.2017

Editions de Parfums: Like a voyage into a parallel world

Frédéric Malle’s new perfume boutique Editions de Parfums in Paris' Marais district opened in 2016. We asked Brendan MacFarlane how the tiny room turned into an apparently infinite space.

It is one of the first major retail stores the architects Jakob+MacFarlane have designed. Hopefully, it will not be the last, since it is offers a highly surprising and individual look. Brendan, what is special about the new store of ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Put into the right light with LED

Video • 07.03.2017

Put into the right light with LED

Elektra at EuroShop 2017

LEDs save energy costs and put everything into the right light. And the right lighting is getting more and more important in the store, too. ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Be our Highlight!

Video • 07.03.2017

Be our Highlight!

How lighting influences retail - Oktalite Lichttechnik GmbH

Lighting is not only able to foreground products. It is also able to influence people’s moods. This is why Oktalite’s motto is a very emotional one this year. ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Retail lighting: smart, emotional and flexible...

Video • 06.03.2017

Retail lighting: smart, emotional and flexible

The Lighting Dimension at EuroShop 2017 reflects the complete range of modern shop lighting.

LED technologies offer retailers completely new possibilities to emotionally put products in the center of the stage. ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Store Design and Shopfitting at EuroShop 2017...

Shopfitting • 21.02.2017

Store Design and Shopfitting at EuroShop 2017

Shopfitters, designers, lighting experts: They all have to work hand in hand to design the ultimate store

Needless to say, this is also always an issue of time, driven by an opening date that’s as early and as much on schedule as possible. Trends are increasingly moving towards customized shopfitting solutions: brands and products are being ...

Thumbnail-Photo: From vehicles to architectural lighting

News • 08.02.2017

From vehicles to architectural lighting

New design tools bring large-area LED products on the market with speed, quality and lower costs

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland develops novel LED light sources based on large, flexible and transparent substrates in collaboration with the Finnish companies Flexbright and Lighting Design Collective. An easy-to-customise LED foil ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Light up your business – LED in retail

Report • 08.12.2016

Light up your business – LED in retail

If you want to cut costs, you need to increase efficiency

By now, “light-emitting diodes“, or LEDs, are well-known in the lighting market. Next to halogen, luminescent and other electric discharge lamps, they are among the many lighting options available on the market.  At first, the ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Supermarket lighting: good times for shopfitters...

Report • 02.06.2016

Supermarket lighting: good times for shopfitters

The rise of LEDs creates optimal conditions for the POS

Lighting design has become a much-appreciated design element in shopfitting to increase sales at the point-of-sale. Especially in supermarkets, a harmonious lighting concept can attractively stage all product sectors. LED lighting solutions make ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Shop design works different in China

Report • 07.09.2015

Shop design works different in China

Understanding the target groups in different countries

The Chinese retail market is developing rapidly right now and may even become one of the most important retail markets there are. This is a valid reason to get to know this retail culture better. Shop designers and retailers should make sure to ...

Thumbnail-Photo: LD 8020 – Convincing Continuous Rows

Product • 11.08.2015

LD 8020 – Convincing Continuous Rows

The lighting range LD8020 ideally combines seamless light installations with LED-technology for your Point of Sale

Durable, efficient and particularly easy to install. All benefits of our lighting offer at a glance: Mounted light with SMD LED, integrated driver and internal mini connector system for mains connection. Maximum 10 lights can be adapted ...

Thumbnail-Photo: What shop design can look like: Zara in Hamburg...

Report • 05.06.2015

What shop design can look like: Zara in Hamburg

Flagshipstore reopened with spacious and sustainable design

Here you could even shake a leg in your new summer dress: In Zara's reopened store at Mönckebergstraße in Hamburg, Germany, spacious corridors, with elegant, unobtrusive elements, catch the eye. Clear structures, simple lighting ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Floating light for the POS

Report • 07.04.2015

Floating light for the POS

Offering an optimal illumination

Special brillant lighting was developed by ELEKTRA, introducing the newly developed clip-on luminaire for "aluboard" wall installation rail from Shop Systems GmbH. The hidden electrification of the luminaire produces the picture of a ...

Thumbnail-Photo: The overall concept needs to be right

Interview • 31.03.2014

"The overall concept needs to be right"

Interview with Hendrik Lenfers from guttenberger + partner

Lighting Design has many different facets; one of them is illuminated signage. It is meant to create emphasis and stand out. It is especially important not to cross the line between tastefully striking and tacky and gaudy. Right before this ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Modern Lighting Design: Trends by Lighting Designers...

Report • 31.03.2014

Modern Lighting Design: Trends by Lighting Designers

Light, the all-rounder creates ambience and accents like no other means

This year’s EuroShop revealed how retailers can put their products in the right light in the future. Lighting designers and shopfitters skillfully vied for the attention of the expert audience and showed the trends of the upcoming ...

Thumbnail-Photo: “Light becomes more integrated and moves closer to the product”...

Interview • 31.03.2014

“Light becomes more integrated and moves closer to the product”

Interview with Joerg Krewinkel from “Lichtkompetenz”

He lights up stores from Istanbul to Bali: Joerg Krewinkel heads the international “Lichtkompetenz” lighting design office in Switzerland. At this year’s EuroShop, he was part of the first "Lighting Designers' Zone" ...

Thumbnail-Photo: “Welcome“ to the land of facade opportunities...

Interview • 01.07.2011

“Welcome“ to the land of facade opportunities

Interview with Thomas Tennagels, Managing Director of curveLED in Düsseldorf

The first thing visitors saw at the EuroShop 2008 was a large curtain made of light emitting diodes. This year the diodes will once again write “Welcome“ and “Bienvenue“ in the entrance hall. LEDs will be an important trade fair topic. They ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Facades and windows turn into luminous advertising spaces...

Report • 01.07.2011

Facades and windows turn into luminous advertising spaces

Great architecture can get even better with the right light. Façade lighting highlights the outside, or a building is so transparent that the inside lighting also has an effect on the outside. Compared to metal, glass, stone and wood, ...

Thumbnail-Photo: “In recent years an LED hysteria has erupted“...

Interview • 28.06.2011

“In recent years an 'LED hysteria' has erupted“

Interview with Michael Flögel, Sales Manager for Lighting Systems at Elektra

LEDs are becoming more and more important for store designs and with that they also find their way into shop window displays. Our questions on this topic were answered by Michael Flögel, Sales Manager for Lighting Systems in Commercial-, Retail- ...


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