Thumbnail-Photo: Klaus Schweizer moves from Ganter Interior to LIGANOVA...
15.04.2015   #shop building #shopfitting

Klaus Schweizer moves from Ganter Interior to LIGANOVA

Serving as Business Development Director

Klaus Schweizer, a former member of Ganter Interior's executive board will assume the responsibility for the expansion of the corporate divisions and the architecture segment at the BrandRetail Company. "With Klaus Schweizer, ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Görtz: New Flagship Store in Hamburg
01.04.2015   #shop building #shopfitting

Görtz: New Flagship Store in Hamburg

Schwitzke & Partner develops experience-oriented concept

The refurbishment of the Görtz flagship store, which has a total of 2,300 square meters on four sales levels, has been in progress since the beginning of this year. Schwitzke & Partner developed in cooperation with the planning office ...

Thumbnail-Photo: What shop design can look like - Part 1: PoeSie 1895...
01.04.2015   #shop building #shopfitting

What shop design can look like - Part 1: PoeSie 1895

We show you three great shopfitting projects by Visplay

Recently, the Store Book 2015 by the German shop fitting association dlv was published. The book presents, among others, three trendy and quite different shops with shop fitting systems by Visplay. We will present the three projects during the next ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Walbusch: Store Opening in Monchengladbach
26.03.2015   #shop building #shopfitting

Walbusch: Store Opening in Monchengladbach

Schwitzke & Partner develops Store Concept tailored to Target Groups

Walbusch, a textile specialist based in Solingen, opens a new store in Monchengladbach on Thursday. The specialist for men’s and women’s fashion presents itself on 225 square meters with a significantly rejuvenated store concept. In ...

Thumbnail-Photo: C-star to host top solution providers of retail industry...
25.03.2015   #digital signage #shop building

C-star to host top solution providers of retail industry

C-star Lounge promoted fashion retail and visual merchandising & store design at CHIC

Each year, numerous top-leaders of the fashion retail industry participate at CHIC to discover the newest retail trends. Being a close cooperation partner, C-star, Shanghai's International Trade Fair for Solutions and Trends all about Retail, ...

Thumbnail-Photo: British fashion chain Topshop opens flagship in Amsterdam...
12.03.2015   #shop building #shopfitting

British fashion chain Topshop opens flagship in Amsterdam

General contractor Schwitzke Project supports expansion in Europe

The British fast-fashion chain’s new showcase store opens on Thursday on Kalverstraat in Amsterdam. Topshop’s first European flagship store outside of England boasts 1,200 square meters on three sales levels. Schwitzke Project ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Creating in-store experiences with digital elements...
23.01.2015   #digital signage #multichannel commerce

"Creating in-store experiences with digital elements"

Interview about EuroCIS 2015 with Franz Kendler, Umdasch Shopfitting

Transparent screens, a virtual point of sale and software retailers can outfit their stores with: at EuroCIS 2015, Umdasch Shopfitting will deliver insights into modern, digital store construction. Before the trade fair, Franz Kendler, Director of ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Sensual Design - Shop-Design with Multisensual Marketing...
09.01.2015   #shop building #shopfitting

Sensual Design - Shop-Design with Multisensual Marketing

Retailers should focus on the basics: The art is in reaching the recognition threshold but not crossing it

Brick-and-mortar retailers, who want to create an unforgettable shopping experience in their stores and also want to set themselves apart from online retailers, should appeal to all the senses of their customers. Multisensual marketing is an ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Trend Store: Highlights take the customer by surprise...
09.01.2015   #shop building #shopfitting

Trend Store: "Highlights take the customer by surprise"

Interview with Björn Pippig, Head of Marketing at Möbel Hesse

It is called a trend store and it is trendy: Möbel Hesse has breathed new life into an area of ten thousand square meters. Shopfitters and interior designers have really pushed the envelope. Shortly after the grand opening, we spoke with ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Small food court ‒ big prospects
01.12.2014   #customer satisfaction #shop building

Small food court ‒ big prospects

The longtime gastronomy concept right in the middle of the Knauber Freizeitmarkt (Hobby Shop)

It is among the trailblazers of gastronomy services offered right in the middle of the sales floor – at least when it comes to craft and hobby stores. For the past 14 years, the Knauber Freizeitmarkt in Bonn-Endenich, Germany, has offered its ...

Thumbnail-Photo: „We want to pay attention to our customers not to our cardboard”...
04.11.2014   #shopfitting #sustainability

„We want to pay attention to our customers not to our cardboard”

Edeka Bruns disposes of packaging with the AutoLoadBaler

Around 40 tons of cardboard are yearly disposed by Edeka Bruns in Friedrichsfehn, Oldenburg, with the AutoLoadBaler. The collection and the disposal of the cardboard is a part of the daily business. Previously, the cardboard was collected on ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Attention, barbecue fans: The first Weber Original Store opened in...
02.09.2014   #shopfitting #shop equipment

Attention, barbecue fans: The first Weber Original Store opened in Berlin-Mitte

Weber-Stephen has opened its first Weber Original Store at Litfaß-Platz, nearby the Hackeschen Quartier in Berlin-Mitte. At the opening of the first flagship store worldwide on May 15th, 2014 it was the Austrian star cook Johann Lafer who ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Retail, what is in your future?
02.09.2014   #shop building #shopfitting

"Retail, what is in your future?"

or "The potentials and prospects of brick-and-mortar retailers"

Retail vocabulary is changing. When you follow trade press coverage, it appears that terms such as omnichannel, touchpoints or augmented reality threaten to replace traditional entities such as sales floor, POS or display windows.  Yet the ...

Thumbnail-Photo: FC Bayern opens fan store No. 9 at Irschenberg...
02.09.2014   #shop building #shopfitting

FC Bayern opens fan store No. 9 at Irschenberg

First Bavarian fan store outside Munich within the new sports and touristic center next to the autobahn

This is a clear step towards the fans and furthermore corresponds to the current trend to follow your target group also locally. Merchandising of the international successful soccer club is now not only limited to the well-known stores in ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Germanys first Concept Mall
01.07.2014   #shop building #shopfitting

Germany's first Concept Mall

Photo Gallery: The architecture of the shopping mall "Bikini Berlin"

With the "Center at the Zoo" and the associated "Bikini House", the architects Paul Schwebes and Hans Schoszberger in 1955 have created a tidy, transparent ensemble. The building complex stood for economic progress and was a ...

Thumbnail-Photo: New Sisley Concept Store marks international debut in Berlin...
23.04.2014   #shopfitting #shop equipment

New Sisley Concept Store marks international debut in Berlin

First-class location in city’s prestigious Mitte neighborhood

Sisley debuted its new concept store in Berlin, the first of its kind worldwide. The shop, at 12 Neue Schönauser Strasse, is in a highly prestigious location among some of the most exciting retailers in the city's Mitte neighbourhood: 14 oz ...

13.11.2013   #shopfitting #shop equipment

Like shopping at home

New research from Concordia University shows how familiarity encourages people to support their favorite businesses

Why put a big comfy couch in the corner of the local bookshop? Why provide stacks of board games free of charge at the corner café? Why give out complimentary backstage passes after the show?Because by making people feel at home in a ...

Thumbnail-Photo: The Customer Prefers Comfort
01.07.2013   #customer satisfaction #shop building

The Customer Prefers Comfort

Convenience is More Important than Price

To keep up with the ever more powerful competition from online retailers, brick-and-mortar stores have to turn shopping into an adventure for the customer again – this is the mantra that storeowners as well as shopfitters are currently ...

Thumbnail-Photo: It is essential to slow down the migration to cities...
02.05.2013   #shop building #shopfitting

"It is essential to slow down the migration to cities"

Interview with Knut John, tegut... Sales Director

Not having to drive for miles for everyday purchases is a service that more and more people learn to appreciate in rural communities. With the campaign "shops for everything", tegut... now promotes new local supply models. How this concept ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Trends in Store Design: Making the Basket Bigger...
02.05.2013   #shop building #shopfitting

Trends in Store Design: Making the Basket Bigger

"Today we are dealing with a highly informed digital savvy consumer"

David Stain from global technology provider, Zebra Technologies, has unrivalled knowledge and expertise when it comes to retail store design and technology deployment. As EMEA Head of Market Development for retail and hospitality, David is in the ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Between experience and hecticness – the customer determines the store...
02.05.2013   #shop building #shopfitting

Between experience and hecticness – the customer determines the store design

The shopping experience is what counts

Today’s stores no longer just have to stand up to comparisons with other retailers on location, but are also in a global competition thanks to the Internet. Merchandise and products are available anytime and anywhere thanks to modern mobile ...

20.09.2012   #shop building #shopfitting

Karstadt opens second K TOWN store in Cologne

New shop concept

Following the success of the K Town pilot project in Göttingen, Karstadt opened a second K Town store in Cologne on 14 September. This new shop concept forms a key part of the "Karstadt 2015" strategy. K Town will contribute further ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Hidding specialist butchers shop opts for plasma technology...
04.09.2012   #shopfitting #shop equipment

Hidding specialist butcher's shop opts for plasma technology

BÄRO developed customised solution to effectively eliminate odour emissions

For more than 75 years Hidding butcher's shop has stood for quality, a pleasant atmosphere and customer service. In addition to meat and sausage products the branch in the old part of Münster offers a range of lunch specials. To minimise ...

Thumbnail-Photo: The shoe salon in the health resort of Merano...
07.08.2012   #shop building #shopfitting

The shoe salon in the health resort of Merano

Refitted during the spring of 2012 by Umdasch Shopfitting

Yes, they still exist – those small, exclusive, owner-run shoe shops and boutiques which are aware of their strengths and which have the confidence to invest in their future. We discovered one such establishment in the famous arcades of the ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Training and Wellness in a proper ambiance
02.05.2012   #shopfitting #services (sales promotion, PoS marketing)

Training and Wellness in a proper ambiance

The leisure industry turned out to be extremely stable during the recent financial crisis. Consumers still spend a lot of money on theme parks, trips and fitness. Many hotels can no longer do without wellness and sports services, since spas and ...

30.04.2010   #shopfitting #shop furnishing

GO IN GmbH showcases new website with intelligent product configurator

GO IN GmbH has developed an online store specifically for restaurant and contract furniture that is unique in its variety and sets completely new standards with its intelligent product configurator. The international shopping portal allows users to ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Filigree looks but still totally robust
30.04.2010   #shopfitting #shop furnishing

Filigree looks but still totally robust

High levels of comfort and attractive materials are standard features of all products in the TERRAZZA collection

New in the 2010 TERRAZZA programme is the light and airy T*100 ** series. The delicate stainless steel framework in combination with finely woven polyethylene bands gives this furniture a filigree appearance but also makes it immensely robust. The ...

Thumbnail-Photo: SOISTES - the modular system for presentations and information...
21.07.2009   #shop building #shopfitting

SOISTES - the modular system for presentations and information

a solution of striking simplicity for complex and multiple demands

this simple but ingenious system was born out of the challenges that modern architecture gives us, with its huge open spaces in metal and glass: the need for a universal system, that can be freestanding or mobil, that can be mounted to the wall or ...

10.11.2008   #shop building #shopfitting

Vertigo - a modular system, which is able to satisfy all your fitting requirements

It delineates spaces with clean, sinuous lines, creating areas with bold characteristics; it also displays to perfection, using light and elegant designs. This is Vertigo, a modular system by Mepsystem, which, with its versatility, is able to ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Shop-Systems by Umdasch
27.05.2008   #shopfitting #shop equipment

Shop-Systems by Umdasch

Innovative design competence in Umdasch product development

Umdasch Shop-Concept has been attracting attention with its wide-ranging product campaign. No fewer than five new systems have been developed. The EuroShop is just one opportunity for Umdasch to demonstrate its leading role as a supplier of ...

09.03.2008   #shop building #shopfitting

Dispenser - TD 4235

Large volume unit with motor driven rollfront, consumer operated by pushbutton on top. Full facing of products for optimal branding Cigarettes placed in inividually removable, spring-loaded cassettes Pull-out shelves for easy refilling ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Dispenser - TD 30L
09.03.2008   #shopfitting #shop equipment

Dispenser - TD 30L

Lightweight lockable OCM unit with adjusable floor stand or ceiling fixing Full facing, gravity feed cassets for optimal branding Lightboxes on the sides for advertising or brand name Pull-out shelves for easy refilling and FiFo handling ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Dispenser - TD 3100
09.03.2008   #shop building #shopfitting

Dispenser - TD 3100

Large volume unit with lackable aluminium roll front Full facing, gravity feed cassetts for optimal branding Cigaretts placed in individually removable cassetts for FiFo handling Pull-out shelves with SVI (Stock Volume Indicator) for ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Dispenser - TD 4000
09.03.2008   #shop building #shopfitting

Dispenser - TD 4000

Full caing presentation for up to 80 diffrent brands of cigarettes Motor operated roll front in aluminium or transparent plastic, controlled from the checkout Built in light with easily replacable advertising message Pullout shelves for ...

Thumbnail-Photo: FINBIN XMIT waste collection system
05.03.2008   #shop building #shopfitting

FINBIN XMIT waste collection system

In the FinBin XMIT system, the bins are integrated into vacuum conveyor pipelines and emptied automatically. Waste is transported through the vacuum pipelines from collection points to waste compactors at the central waste collection facility. It is ...

05.03.2008   #shop building #shopfitting

FinBin Bermuda bins

The new FinBin Bermuda is designed especially for terminals, retail facilities and hotels. Material and color can be customised to fit the surroundings. FinBin Bermuda is a self-extinguishing litter bin. ...

01.03.2008   #shop building #shopfitting


Make quick shopping simple Shopping baskets are ideal for quick shopping trips, and with capacities of 7-27 litres, there are baskets for every occasion. Plastic shopping baskets from Nordiska Plast AB allow you to choose between 20 and 27-litre ...

01.03.2008   #shop building #shopfitting


Our Basic 2 system renders it possible to present your customers to a well-arranged, solid and customer-friendly shopfitting. The Basic 2 system with its simple and straight design is suitable for allowing presentable and customer-friendly exposure ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Bodenbeläge - Earthwerks
01.03.2008   #shop building #shopfitting

Bodenbeläge - Earthwerks

Our Earthwerks Commercial Division is specialized in servicing the needs of multi-facility end users throughout North America. Earthwerks builds everything around you, the customer, from great looking and unique products to tailored programs that ...

29.02.2008   #shop building #shopfitting

VideoFlyer 20"

Enclosed Video flyer features an 20" 4:3 format 800x600 resolution display with integrated speakers. Built-in real time clock supports scheduled playlist. Optional interactive features include touch screen, motion detector, barcode scan support ...

29.02.2008   #shopfitting #shop decoration

Schaufensterfigur - Annabel

● Beautiful pose creating a fashionable and chic statement ● Glossy hazel eyes and long dark eyelashes ● Two fittings to leg allowing footwear to be displayed ● Contemporary glass base and short blonde wig included Measurements: Height ...

29.02.2008   #shopfitting #shop decoration

Schaufensterfigur - Amber

Beautifully hand painted face with incredible attention to detail Glossy eyes for an extra realistic look Two fittings to leg allowing footwear to be displayed Contemporary glass base and very long blonde wig ...

29.02.2008   #shopfitting #services (builiding technology, shop building, shopfitting)

VideoFlyer 15"

Enclosed Video flyer features a 15" 4:3 format 1024x768 resolution display with integrated speakers. Built-in real time clock supports scheduled playlist. Optional interactive features include touch screen, motion detector, barcode scan support ...

29.02.2008   #shop building #shopfitting

VideoFlyer 6.4"

Designed for typical shelf edge applications, the 6.4" robust plastic enclosure features integrated speakers and a wide range of options. ...

21.02.2008   #shopfitting #shop equipment


Exclusive manufacturers of Shelf Ready Packaging MT-300 for fruits and vegetables. No pallets, no cartons, no secondary packagings, no waste. An integral solution and innovative system with economic advantages communicating with the environment. ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Einkaufswagen - QuicKART M3
20.02.2008   #shopfitting #shopping carts

Einkaufswagen - QuicKART M3

The all new QuicKART M3 series is the 3rd generation of power trolley return systems from Dane Technologies, the original and proven world leader. The QuicKART M3 increases cart return productivity by over 50% while reducing the risk of injury to ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Einkaufswagen - SmartKART
20.02.2008   #shopfitting #shopping carts

Einkaufswagen - SmartKART

Designed and engineered from the ground up, the SmartKART Power Shopping Trolley incorporates the features most requested by retail market leaders. The result: New industry-leading standards for safety, comfort and durability – all at a highly ...

19.02.2008   #shop building #shopfitting

Composite Panel - Starlight

Starlight is a composite panel made with a patented plastic macro-cellular core that is used for construction, furnishings, shops, bar, restaurants, stand fittings, but also stages for TV and special events and in general for any application ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Ultra-light weight composite panel - Lightben...
19.02.2008   #shop building #shopfitting

Ultra-light weight composite panel - Lightben

Lightben is an ultra-light weight composite panel that has resulted from the continuing research into honeycomb materials showing an appealing aesthetical look together with the typical characteristics of this kind of products: stiffness and light ...

14.02.2008   #shopfitting #climate systems

Air cooler KOBOLD

Commercial air cooler

MR SERIES Distance between lamellas 4,2 mm Capacity within 726 W - 4168 W Exchange surface within 3,51 to 17,55 m2 MC SERIES Distance between lamellas 7 mm Capacity within 577 W to 3529 W Exchange surface within 2,74 to ...

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