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Thumbnail-Photo: Carrier Merchandising and Sustainability Concepts on Display  at...
27.01.2014   #climate systems #refrigeration cabinets

Carrier Merchandising and Sustainability Concepts on Display at EuroShop 2014

Carrier’s broad range of sustainable refrigeration products and services will be displayed in an environment designed to replicate an authentic retail experience at EuroShop 2014, held tri-annually in Dusseldorf, Germany. Carrier, the ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Costan supply E.Leclerc-Conad in “Area 12”...
22.12.2011   #climate systems #refrigeration cabinets

Costan supply E.Leclerc-Conad in “Area 12”

“Area 12”, the innovative retail park covering over 34,000m² built into the new Juventus stadium, was inaugurated on 27 October. One of the stores in the complex, the first E.Leclerc Conad store in Turin, has been fitted out by ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Retail should further optimize cooling energy...
01.12.2011   #climate systems #refrigeration cabinets

Retail should further optimize cooling energy

Interview with Jörg Straßburger, Managing Director, Corporate Sales and Marketing of Epta Germany

The Epta group with its headquarters in Milan, Italy, produces refrigeration units and cold storage cells all the way to cooling- and air conditioning systems. In 2010 the German daughter achieved about 80 million Euros in total revenue – and ...

Thumbnail-Photo: “An authentic design is crucial“
01.11.2011   #climate systems #refrigeration cabinets

“An authentic design is crucial“

Interview with Dr. Oliver Blank, Director of Marketing and International Sales at Aichinger

Aichinger in Wendelstein near Nuremberg views itself as Europe’s leading specialist in the area of food store furnishing concepts, shop fitting and professional kitchens. The group of companies annually carries out over 1,500 furnishing ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Space miracle CoolingCube XL - Enough space for chilled beverages...
13.08.2009   #climate systems #refrigeration cabinets

Space miracle CoolingCube XL - Enough space for chilled beverages replenishment

A small-format with XL: Even with little space offers Gastro-Cool with the silver space miracle enough space for chilled beverages replenishment. The capacity of the XL (68 l) is almost 20 liters more than its "small-Kühlwürfel ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Countertop Advertising Fridge - Branding for unbelievably low prices...
13.08.2009   #climate systems #refrigeration cabinets

Countertop Advertising Fridge - Branding for unbelievably low prices

The Countertop Display cooler is ideal as a free promotional items from beverage manufacturers, such as particularly loyal customers. Both the devices body as well as the fluorescent hood can personalize (branding). Larger quantities (from 250) ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Ice-cold presentation: The sales volume is in the detail...
18.07.2009   #climate systems #refrigeration cabinets

Ice-cold presentation: The sales volume is in the detail

Frozen food departments have big and growing sales potential and yet there is more money to be made in these areas by owners providing good service and coming up with creative ideas.

Frozen food departments have big and growing sales potential and yet there is more money to be made in these areas by owners providing good service and coming up with creative ideas. It was a long day at work and the stomach is growling. At the ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Industrial freezers for ice cream
15.04.2009   #climate systems #refrigeration cabinets

Industrial freezers for ice cream

A range of freezers to meet all circumstances. Designed with one thing in mind: Increased sales.

AHT freezers can be placed everywhere. In a restaurant, at the petrol station, in small bars, in the supermarket, and, and, and ... Quality and freshness of ice cream are 100 % guaranteed in AHT freezers. BOSTON Scooping model. The attractive ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Chilled Display Cabinets
20.02.2009   #climate systems #refrigeration cabinets

Chilled Display Cabinets

Open Front Coolers - Merchandising at the POS The concept. The key to increased sales at a glance Open Front The open front increases the rate of impulse purchase.   High impact lighting Ensures the products inside are ...

23.05.2008   #climate systems #refrigeration cabinets

Extra Cold - Bottle coolers and glass freezers that are designed to serve drinks super cold.

Countertop: Freeze your glasses!

Frozen glasses show a similar effect as the cooling of beverages under 0°C does. The icy look animates and creates thirst for ice cold refreshments. Through the icy glasses the drink not only stay longer cool but also doesn't lose the taste ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Pluto VT
27.09.2007   #climate systems #refrigeration cabinets

Pluto VT

Wall-hung ventilated display case with structure and display zone made entirely out of AISI 304 stainless steel. Three intermediate fixed illuminated stainless steel shelves. Stainless steel hook rack. Nighttime curtain. Overhead lighting. ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Barrique
27.09.2007   #climate systems #refrigeration cabinets


Barrique is a refrigerated and ventilated wine show-case that is both functional and at the same time handsome and elegant. A high class image comes from the wooden outer covering and skirting board and the shape that brings back memories of a ...

Thumbnail-Photo: Canaima
30.03.2005   #climate systems #refrigeration cabinets


Mondel has surpassed itself in designing and manufacturing fish display cases. Our latest creation is canaima. Here we combine the high technology of our Sentosa model with the innovative design featuring the Coiba line. Canaima is the only fish ...


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