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Shop-Systems by Umdasch

Innovative design competence in Umdasch product development

Independent uprights can be mounted directly onto existing walls and columns....
Independent uprights can be mounted directly onto existing walls and columns. They can also be mounted on wooden, stone and glass panels.

Umdasch Shop-Concept has been attracting attention with its wide-ranging product campaign. No fewer than five new systems have been developed. The EuroShop is just one opportunity for Umdasch to demonstrate its leading role as a supplier of shopfitting systems.

The new shopfitting systems provide extensive opportunities for customization. Today, shop designers and store planners need systems which can be used in different ways and which can be individually adapted to suit the brand design in question.

The wall system Carré, for example, provides a great deal of flexibility in the design of the rear wall. The unit backs can easily be removed and exchanged. The background for the goods presentation can thus be changed at any time and adapted to suit different brands or ranges.

Uniplug is a new freestanding system for the centre of the store. Here the question of customization was solved in a highly innovative manner. Freestanding systems are usually tubular structures with limited use when it comes to brand presentation. Uniplug combines tubular structures with panel elements which can be individually styled. By varying the form, material and colour scheme the panel elements can be ideally adapted to suit the brand design. Brand names and logos can also be applied.

In the new wall system Arena Alu the technology is virtually invisible. Only a thin vanity line indicates that shelving elements can be inserted into the unit backs. The main visual element consists of the unit backs themselves, which can be styled individually by the designer to match the brand.

The Arena Alu shelves are a true market innovation. They are designed in aluminium. Accurately mitred joints, visible screws and high-quality Eloxal surfaces lend the design its unique appearance.

Independent is a new aluminium upright system into which Arena Alu shelves can be inserted. The uprights can be mounted onto virtually all shapes and materials. Independent is particularly suitable for goods presentation on columns and on convex or concave walls. Regardless of the overall store architecture or shop design – with Independent uprights you can display goods virtually anywhere.

In addition, the new shelves are distinguished by their sophisticated functionality and modern design. The wide range is now available in three different profiles. This supports the trend towards increasing customisation in shop design in the best possible way.

The market launch of the new developments is accompanied by a completely new generation of brochures. The folders offer a product overview as well as presentations of detailed solutions for your planning requirements. Together with the attractive collecting folder, the brochures become sought-after planning documents for customers, architects and designers.

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