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Millions of types – always unique: FLAT Vario and VERTICAL Vario

Güntner is setting a new standard with the modular type diversity of the new Vario product family.

The great variety of individually configurable unit types offers the technically optimal standard solution for any application scenario without any expenditure of time for special designs. 

Precise configuration – technically optimal solution

The selection of a unit tailored to the requirements of the plant remains easy and is performed quickly and reliably via GPC (Güntner Product Configurator). The dynamic configuration of the available heat exchangers in all their variants (tube materials, tube diameters, fin geometries, and so on) in conjunction with a wide choice of different fans will result in a customized unit being quickly available at a convincing cost-benefit ratio. Offering a capacity range of 30 – 1800 kW, the new Vario series are mainly designed for applications in the areas of industrial refrigeration, air conditioning, process cooling and server room cooling.

Suitable for practically all applications

In addition to the current and new synthetic refrigerants on the market, you can of course also select as operating fluid natural alternatives like ammonia, CO2, hydrocarbons (e.g. propane). The gas coolers named GGHV and GGVV are designed for a maximum operating pressure of 120 bar. A broad range of accessories is also available for the Vario series. Beside the common accessories like vibration dampers and extended legs, also accessories like e.g. inspection covers for cleaning purposes are on offer. Additionally, the accessibility of the heat exchanger may be further improved with hinged fan plates. 

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Future-oriented technology

On a technical level, the units were optimised in an impressive manner to be operated with the respective fluids: The core tube diameters and materials, in combination with the fin geometries, provide the optimum of maximum capacity and minimum tube volume. The new condensers can thus notably contribute to reducing the refrigerant charge of a plant and its GWP. A lower charge can additionally contribute to minimising the number of required leak tightness tests according to the F-Gas Regulation.

Numerous advantages

In addition to the “inner values”, the new FLAT Vario and VERTICAL Vario units have further advantages: Also the casings were revised and optimised for transport and storage. The efficiency and, of course, ErP-compliant fans are available with AC and EC technology and, together with the casing, for a fan unit that provides optimised ventilation and sound. The EC fans can be controlled externally via a 0 – 10 V signal. For a very easy installation and a quick startup of the units, the tried and tested Güntner Motor Management with a control concept particularly designed for the units is an available accessory for both AC and EC technology.

Certified capacity

Voluntarily participating in the Eurovent “Certify All” programme, Güntner commits itself to have the entire product series tested and certified independently. This results in approved and thus reliable technical data which, in turn protects your investment and ensures planning security and operational reliability with regard to the complete system’s capacity and energy efficiency.

For an overview of all the features of the new FLAT Vario and VERTICAL Vario units, feel free to visit our website:

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