Report • 06.03.2015

Mannequin 2015: Knaapje by Rein Reitsma

Hans Boodt collaborates with the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam

Inspirated by the human skeleton
Source: Hans Boodt Mannequins

This mannequin is not only extraordinary and most flexible to use but also quite funny to look at - as we think. Knaapje is the newest creation of Hans Boodt Mannequins together with Rein Reitsma.

What's behind all this? The designer explains: "Hans Boodt offers young people a chance to let their creativity translate into an image of imperfection. This inspires Hans Boodt; the contradiction, the stubborn, the creation of ones own reality and the malleability of character and identity."

And what inspired Rein Reitsma? "During biology class in the past, the weird human skeleton, with its clumsy posture and puzzled glance, was always able to distract me. In the meantime that is exactly what has inspired me to design a personalized mannequin: Knaapje - which literally means Boy."

For those who are interested in the "big puzzle": Knaapje© is available in a live size version and a mini version.

Natascha Mörs;

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