Product • 06.02.2012

Integral freezer and chiller cabinets

Ecological and effective freezing technology.

Introducing the new dimension in cooling and freezing systems delivering an enlarged display area to improve your product presentation.

The ATHEN XL model is a modern, promotion orientated cabinet that will also provide you with increased volume. And the improved net volume for a broader product range should result in significantly higher sales.
At the POS, the broad product presentation will prove highly effective. And supplemented by the attractive end cabinet the ATHEN XL looks set to become one of the leading freezers available on the market.

The ATHEN XL ECO model. Generous capacity meets modern, sales-stimulating design. Greater net capacity allows a broader range of goods, thereby increasing sales potential, while brilliant LED interior lighting means attractive presentation of your merchandise. Technical optimization makes the ATHEN XL ECO a true energy-saving marvel.

The MALTA model.  This unique and highly innovative ‘Sales Driver’ is accessible from all sides and delivers easy viewing. The sturdy design and total functionality make it the perfect all-round unit for you to optimally present your products.

The MANHATTAN model. Our innovative MANHATTAN makes for maximum sales promotion with minimal requirements for space. It offers an impressively thought-out and economical retail freezer concept. MANHATTAN's convincingly discreet presence puts the focus exclusively on the merchandise inside, while its optimized presentation area provides the perfect incentive to buy. The newly designed divided sliding lid system is remarkably easy to use and allows comfortable grasping of merchandise from both sides of the unit. This variability offers completely new possibilities at the POS and makes MANHATTAN a flexible and universal solution for individual or row placement.

The MIAMI model. This innovative cooling and freezing device stands for maximum energy efficiency and is a member of our new generation of low-energy marvels. Brilliant LED interior lighting assures an attractive presentation of your goods while the large, curving panoramic glass sliders optimize presentation area and make for perfect viewing. The unit's low height allows convenient placement and withdrawal of merchandise.

The PARIS model. This cabinet has been designed with shaped lids and its front edge has been lowered to enable customers to look directly into the cabinet. This means that you can provide maximum product visibility and experience increased sales opportunities. The PARIS model comes with an internal light that will attract customers who will be able to see the products clearly displayed within the cabinet – something that should result in an increase in impulse purchases. This exceptional innovation can be either used as a stand alone cabinet or banked together into an isle. When used within an isle, the PARIS model includes an optional end cabinet that will not only successfully optimize space but also create an aesthetically pleasing end to the isle itself. The PARIS range can also be installed below shelving.

The SALZBURG model. The renowned quality design of this model of chillers and freezers, incorporating flat glass and sliding lids, have made it the industry standard. AHT’s SALZBURG plug-in chillers and freezers deliver you a powerful design and a large merchandise display area featuring glass sliding lids. This impressive high volume capacity refrigeration system that is maintenance-free will reduce the amount of time, effort and costs involved in maintaining cabinets. Furthermore, our well proven AHT refrigeration technology will ensure that your products will be stored at the ideal temperature. This is something that is imperative to the consumer and it is something that you will now be able to provide thanks to our SALZBURG model.

The VENTO model. AHT reinvents cold shelving with the all-new VENTO. This revolutionary line of plug-in refrigerated shelves for meat and dairy products with convincing flexibility, minimal installation effort and high efficiency is a lasting investment. The innovative concept of fully integrated cooling technology minimizes unit complexity and the need for building measures. With or without glass doors, the multifunctional VENTO is the refrigerated shelf of today.

The VENTO-Flex 125 model.
AHT's all-new VENTO-FLEX 125 creates fresh revenue in the dairy and convenience product ranges. As easy to use as AHT coolers and freezers, compact size and a completely self-sufficient cooling system make VENTO-FLEX 125 the ideal choice for supermarkets, convenience stores and petrol stations. Achieve higher revenue through individual or combined positioning. Maximum mobility, minimal effort, low energy consumption and investment costs - VENTO-FLEX 125 is the »Plug and Chill« enclosed refrigerated shelf with attractive dimensions and the eco-friendly coolant R290!

Key benefits

  • Higher energy-saving can be achieved in comparison to conventional open units
  • Improved display area incorporating an optimum useful load
  • Guaranteeing the quality of the frozen goods thanks to constant internal temperature
  • and high power reserves
  • Plug in model requiring no extra installation
  • Low investment and operating costs
  • Maintenance-free
  • Environmentally friendly with natural refrigerant propane
  • 100 % CFC- and PFC-free
  • Experience approximately additional 25 % energy savings through an electronic speed-controlled compressor (VS)*

* Electronic speed-controlled compressor only available with refrigerant R290.

Automatically ice free – permanent on duty!

At AHT Cooling Systems, we managed to successfully put this principle into practice by developing a semi-automatic defrost which works independently, on basis of the latest technologies and which nearly requires no manual effort. The hygiene of the freezer and also of the products stored within fully complies with the highest standards. As the defrosting of our static freezers is based on a sophistically timed sequence of heating periods in the innertank.
Frost build-up due to ambient humidity is successfully melted away at regular intervals - and this avoids any excessive frost build-up. Furthermore, during the thawing process, the temperature of the
goods will always remain below –15 °C, hence fully complying with legal requirements. The use of a special divider system will prevent any adverse effects on the temperature of your goods and melted
ice water collects in a duct that surrounds the inner case and is evaporated away outside of the storage area.

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