Company News • 01.04.2015

Görtz: New Flagship Store in Hamburg

Schwitzke & Partner develops experience-oriented concept

Görtz: New Flagship Store in Hamburg
Source: Görtz/Schwitzke

The refurbishment of the Görtz flagship store, which has a total of 2,300 square meters on four sales levels, has been in progress since the beginning of this year.

Schwitzke & Partner developed in cooperation with the planning office from LUDWIG GÖRTZ GMBH an experience-oriented store concept with a focus on the family firm’s history and tradition.

The first redesigned section, the department for children’s and teen fashion in the basement, opens its doors at April 2 nd. The other three levels will follow in stages; the completion of the entire refurbishment is scheduled for spring 2016. The new concept provides a clear structure in the entire store to differentiate between the themed worlds for various product assortments. The design language is diverse and emphasizes the different target groups.

Görtz presents itself as an expert multi-brand retailer and provides a sophisticated customer approach and a lifestyle shopping experience. In the course of the refurbishment, the sales area in the basement has been increased significantly; a striking and strong design sets the stage for the brand’s children’s and teen fashion. One of the highlights in the colorful and eye-catching children’s shoes area is an integrated climbing tree.

Further concept priorities are the depiction of the brand values important for the family firm Görtz, which has been in the market for more than 140 years and numbers among the shoe retailers with the highest sales in Germany, as well as the company’s orientation as a multi-channel retailer and its consistent umbrella-brand strategy. 

Source: Schwitzke Group

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