Company News • 06.04.2011

AWEK Presents new Hardware smartCLICK

„Simplify your Store“- Concept Creates flexible Capabilities of Usage

AWEK, comprehensive provider of IT-solutions for the retail trade, brings a new POS-system with detachable touch screen on the market. With the new hardware smartCLICK the tablet-PC of POS-systems, scales, info terminals and kiosks are interchangeable. Owing to the convertibility of the systems this allows for flexible usage, thus avoiding long waiting lines at the checkout.

The new retail-concept smartCLICK is based on an integrated store concept where individual hardware systems like POS, scale, or info terminal are no longer seen as isolated system-solutions. If at these workstations the retail-concept smartCLICK is being put to use the hardware becomes interchangeable. The hardware is used flexibly in response to current requirements, e.g. a waiting line at the checkout at peak time. To open a new checkout, a tablet-PC is detached, e.g. from a kiosk system, and clicked onto the POS base. The purchase of unproductive systems to ensure availability is thus unnecessary.

"Click and Go"
The simple swap of smartCLICK provides the basis for a new maintenance concept.
Since the systems is ready for use immediately after clicking it onto the base, even an untrained co-worker can easily put a new POS terminal into operation. All it takes is to detach the tablet-PC and click in the new one. In case of a POS failure the new terminal is simply delivered by the postman and is immediately ready for use. This reduces downtime of the systems to a minimum.

The retail-concept smartCLICK consists of a tablet-PC with touch screen for easy operation. Being height-adjustable the touch screen and peripherals, such as printer and card terminal, can be arranged at the smartPOLE-system which creates tidiness at the checkout. The connection of different peripherals takes place via standardized interfaces. The coherence of the module becomes evident as it only requires one single power supply avoiding a cluttered checkout workplace.

"The exciting part of smartCLICK is that we no longer look at the systems in retail as being individual systems but in relation to each other. With our new retail-concept "Simplify your Store" we are able to increase the productivity in retail many times”, say Andreas Berger, CEO of AWEK. “Waiting times at checkouts, for example, are always negative for the business. With our system, which can be used flexibly, we create the condition that waiting lines at checkouts and within fresh produce departments are a thing of the past.”

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