EuroDisplay GmbH


EuroDisplay GmbH
Mitglied im dlv – Netzwerk Ladenbau e.V.

Braasstraße 15
31737 Rinteln

Phone: +49 (0)5751 400890
Fax: +49 (0)5751 400899


The name EuroDisplay stands for the distribution of products and services for sales promotions within the visual merchandising and display fields. Mannequins meeting the requirements of textile retailers and famous fashion designers with regard to quality, technology and design, are the calling card of EuroDisplay. Wigs, busts, torsos and displays complete the portfolio.

EuroDisplay in the direct neighborhood of its associated company Polyform serves the global markets from Rinteln, Lower Saxony and has become one of the top companies of its industry in the world. An innovative spirit, flexibility, and outstanding competence for the product dominate the business.

News by EuroDisplay GmbH

Thumbnail-Photo: Mannequins cut a fine figure
30.09.2010   #mannequins

Mannequins cut a fine figure

Display dummies stage merchandise in a three-dimensional way. Merchandise in this case doesn’t just mean textiles. Dummies, trunks and busts are also interesting to other retailers. This shows that plastic models do not just have to be beautiful, ...

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