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CashTester International specialises in the sale of safety devices for counterfeit money detection and cash handling. These products can be obtained via our worldwide network of distributors. Following the introduction of the Euro and the appearance of very high quality Euro forgeries in bigger quantities. It is essential to have reliable means of detecting counterfeit notes.

One of our innovative products is the CT330, which has excellent detecting features and which offers a reliable counterfeit detection with an appealed design. The CT 330 is and will be tested periodically by several National European Banks without exception with a 100% result for recognizing genuine and counterfeit notes. Because of the update function the device can easily be updated for new issued notes of the available currencies. In this way you never have a outdated device: the CT 330 is always up to date.

Also in the field of banknote counters CashTester International offers some novelties. For example the BC 270: a so called 2 pocket counter which rejects non recognized notes in an extra pocket, in this way the counting process will not be interrupted. This technical Hi-Tech machine has also the possibility to sort banknotes, for example orientation, facing, denomination etc. Obviously the BC 270 has also an excellent counterfeit detection. Mixed note counting and value counting for Euro and US Dollar (optional) are complementing the BC 270.

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Due to our close contact with central banks and other state institutions, we are in a position to offer to our customers specialist advice regarding the choice of the right detector for their requirements. We are able to source the latest technology from worldwide manufacturers who in many cases have given us exclusive access to their latest models.