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Thumbnail-Photo: SOISTES - the modular system for presentations and information...
21.07.2009   #shop building #shopfitting

SOISTES - the modular system for presentations and information

a solution of striking simplicity for complex and multiple demands

this simple but ingenious system was born out of the challenges that modern architecture gives us, with its huge open spaces in metal and glass: the need for a universal system, that can be freestanding or mobil, that can be mounted to the wall or ...

Thumbnail-Photo: space lamp
23.04.2007   #decorative lighting #lights

space lamp

space is the 2m high inflatable lamp made of a special extra-thin airproof fabric. thanks to an invisible ventilator space it inflates and stays vertical. the bulb is connected to a dimmer. space has a chrome plated tripod base. the fabric cover can ...

27.10.2005   #display stands #brochure holders

magic wall

looking for unlimited arrangement possibilities in one place?

with magic wall you are on the beam. choose the place where to mount the aluminium panel on the wall. mount it easily with the spacer kit supplied. now combine the manifold accessories of the magic-line to the top of your bent. quick and easy to ...

Thumbnail-Photo: infoglass & steel 15 set
20.10.2005   #signposting systems

infoglass & steel 15 set

infoglass & steel 15 set – a modern sandwich-system in stainless steel and glass

the high-class information, orientation and signage set is available in five common sizes complete with two respectively. four steel 15 spacers, glass protecting rings, screws and dowels. fastening to glass, acrylic or mounting without holes? ...

Thumbnail-Photo: stopper – crowd control
30.09.2005   #digital signage

stopper – crowd control

stopper – intelligent solutions for perfect functionality

crowd control with added value: informing and selling functionally designed this crowd control is always a guide the right path: modern or classical ...

Thumbnail-Photo: fly – full of suspense
29.09.2005   #fitting and mounting systems

fly – full of suspense

the complete information system on steel cable for high quality uses: in the pos, displaying or integrated in the shop furniture. also perfect to be used in banks, insurers, travel agencies, real estate brokers and all kinds of service ...

06.07.2005   #fitting and mounting systems

fisso ghost the invisible fastener with fit-up aid

the invisible fastener with fit-up aid is the perfect solution when you want to hide the fastener and you cannot or will not have holes in your signs. post the polycarbonate fastener using the removable leafs on your sign, fasten it with screws, ...

Thumbnail-Photo: fisso fixxo the variable snap-clamp system
06.07.2005   #fitting and mounting systems

fisso fixxo the variable snap-clamp system

fisso fixxo, the variable snap-clamp system made of transparent polycarbonate respectively coloured nylon. simply wall mount the spacer, put the head through the panel and snap in the spacer. fixxo is also available with a flat head for invisible ...